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Saskatchewan celebrates the many athletes who have risen in excellence. We are proud of Carol LaFayette-Boyd who represents Canada in the World Masters Sports & Athletics. In 2007 in Regina she broke the world record in the 200 meter at 29.82 sec. (record was 30.26) In Italy at the World competition, she ran in 29.66 to beat the new record holder.

The LaFayettes were homesteaders who moved to Saskatchewan from Iowa in 1906. Born in 1942, Carol was the sixth of eight children born on the farm near Rosetown who loved running in high school sports and high jumping the old scissor method. You didn’t need to train in those days just come out, stretch and compete. Life went on but in 1991 Carol heard that the Canadian Masters Games were going to be in Regina and decided to try out. She had kept up with stretching (while watching Christian programming) after seeing the 100 plus year old Delaney sisters on a morning show but that winter started weight training. In spring she went to the track and did sprint training.

In 1992, at the Canadian Masters championships the track events began on a rainy day. Carol had never run the 200m but decided “if I can pass them on the curve, I can beat them. more

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