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Paul Keith Davis
January 2006


The spirit of restoration is flourishing today, we’re at the anniversary of a number of key prophetic things that have happened in this century. Many people may know that we have just experienced the anniversary of the Welsh Revival, a tremendous revival that brought city transformation to Wales. Hundreds of thousands of people were saved in this wonderful revival.

Then there was the Azusa Street Revival in 1906. We’re approaching the 100 year anniversary of this tremendous outpouring of God’s spirit. And yet from that day until now, tremendous change has taken place and the word this afternoon was this; Unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and perishes, it abides alone, but if it perishes, it brings forth multiplied grains of wheat like the original seed. Your vision has perished, much of the Canadian vision over the years has perished, but only so it could be refurbished with a greater measure. There have been leaders all over this nation that have been suffering hardship and betrayals and wounds. All over this nation the Lord showed us there are many leaders ready to quit.

The Lord says, No, this is the hour to arise. I am restoring to you the vision. I am restoring, first love affection to the leadership of the nation of Canada from a spiritual point of view. I believe that with all of my heart. And there are prophetic people who have been sitting on the sidelines. The prophetic gift in Canada has been waning. But I want to tell you, it is only so that it can come forth in a greater measure.

I believe there will be a fresh wave of young prophetic people emerging in this nation with a clear word from the Lord. I believe that. Not only that, with the authority to give it. He is bringing something very fresh. We’re at a threshold of a new day. 2005 ended one phase, the harvest phase came to an end. The waters of separation have been flowing, but now this is a new day.

This is a new day for pastors and leaders to rise up right now with a fresh vision for the future, allowing the pain of your past to be the preparation of your future. There is an incredible revelatory anointing, the spirit of revelation is being released through this platform all over this nation. People are going to be able to apprehend a clear word from the Lord. And I want to speak right now specifically to the province of Saskatchewan. (crowd cheers). The word that I gave just now, I am telling you that is a word from the Lord for Saskatchewan. The revival that perished in 1948 to 1950 was only a seed. It was only an embryonic.

The seeds of revival have been sown, they’ve come full circle and now He is about to pour water on those seeds. (Crowd cheers). And I want to specifically…., (crowd cheers), that’s absolutely true. For Saskatchewan, it seems that the Heavens have been brass. I know, we’ve been there, we’ve felt the contention, we have felt the battle that has been going on for the destiny of that province.

But you have come to a new day. Apprehend it. I would even prophesy right now to you a militant anointing. The kingdom of Heaven suffers violence but the violent take it by force. And I want to release also this word; you’re going to model something for the 21st century Canadian church. I’m telling you, Saskatchewan will model something for the 21st century church. It was something that was sown in 1948 and that is this, True Brotherhood, True Unity of the Faith.

There was something that was deposited in the 1948 North Battleford Revival, that for a season, operated in a very pure form. It perished. It went into the soil, but now it has come full circle for the harvest. A new harvest of people that genuinely live together in fraternal affection. People that love one another. The prophetic word the Lord Jesus Himself gave is going to come to pass and why not now? By this shall all men know that you’re my disciple, when you love one another.

Psalm 27:4
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