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History has shown us over and over that before every major move of God there were individuals that were not content with the way things were spiritually.  They set time aside and prayed with repentance, fasting, weeping and did not let up until God moved in a powerful way.  Then the revival lasted as long as people prayed.  We have tried so many ways to draw people into the Kingdom.  For the spiritual harvest to come in we don’t need to work harder….we need to pray harder until the very atmosphere is charged with His power and we’re sent out from His presence with the sweet aroma of heaven.  So many of our hearts are cool and if we were honest with ourselves we have no desire or do not see the need for prayer.  We must start from where we are at and hear the voice of Jesus, “can you not wait with me for one hour?”


If you desire to be stirred and motivated to seek the Lord afresh, we invite you to come to the Divine Prayer Clock teachings and workshop in an area near you and come with an open heart, expecting to be touched with the fire of prayer.  How many people will it take to give themselves no rest, but wrestle in prayer until the Glory of the Lord fills Saskatchewan as the waters cover the sea?  Is the Holy Spirit inviting you to be a part of the Body that sets their heart praying?


For the love of the Lord and the love of His Glory

Patricia Fraser

Psalm 27:4
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