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For the past five weeks during this special season of preparation for Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish new year), we have been joining together via conference call to pray and seek the Lord.  It has been so good to unite corporately as a provincial family along with others in BC, Newfoundland, and other parts of the country who have also been praying during this time.  Our desire is to seek His face and to individually surrender to the process of becoming a bridal warrior.  This is how we will need to walk in the days ahead.

God is still very much a God of appointed times and seasons.  We need to ensure that we are aligning ourselves with His purposes so that we do not miss His kairos moments.  Leading up to Rosh Hashanah is the Hebraic calendar month of Elul (August 27 - September 24) when "the King is in the field".  Based on the meaning of Elul and what happens during this month we know that:

-  God is here in a special way during this time.

-  He is near and accessible.

-  It is a time to celebrate that He has brought us through the past season and is in the process of moving us from the narrow place to the broad place.

-  He is seeking our hearts and desires to restore any areas where our fellowship with Him is broken.

-  He desires to bring us into an experience of His character

-  We have learned that 'I am my Beloved's and my Beloved is mine!'

-  He is in the battlefield with us to help us overcome our own weaknesses and selfish desires and to deliver us from every enemy.

-  This time of year is very significant, especially true of 2014 as we see signs of transition happening all around us.  It is a time to align ourselves with God and to allow Him to have His way in us so that we can move forward correctly into the new place that He is bringing us to.

The Hebraic year 5775 will begin on Rosh Hashanah.  We have read that 5775 is the Year of Grace without Measure.  It is also the Year of Advance.  God will advance this year but the only way He can do that is through His people - which means we need to be prepared and ready vessels.  So let us wholeheartedly say 'YES' to Him, for the sake of the Kingdom and our beloved King Jesus.

Judy Bodnarchuk


    While waiting on Jesus, I had a sense that He was walking right beside me in a large place.  The phrases 'field of blessings' and 'kiss of truth' came to me and I asked Him what they meant.

Later, with the realization that the Jewish month of Elul means 'The King is in the field', this took on more meaning.  When the 'field of blessings' came to me it was with a sense that the King was beside me walking in the field and there were blessings concealed that He wanted me to search out, to uncover. So often we have expected to stay in a place of blessing with the assumption that when things work out, God is approving of us.  But now, we are walking through harder times, getting stronger and He is meeting us. His blessings are available to everyone but there is an intentional searching out, digging and finding of them. 

The secret is being still before Him.  His 'kiss of truth' comes when we wait for Him with longing greater than the dawn on a sleepless night.  Martha was not reproved for her busyiness but that she was 'worried and bothered by many things'. It is the things we are worried and bothered about that keep us from intimacy with our King.  Our agitation MUST melt in His presence and that is our fight, to stay in His presence.  To stay still before Him and be loved by Him, as long as it takes.  As we walk with Him in the field, we will learn to long for Him and to desire Him with all our heart.

At His feet,

Joanne Lepp

Psalm 27:4
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