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Greetings to all you precious saints of the Lord in our great province of Saskatchewan.  We truly are blessed and we need to thank the Lord continually for His grace and goodness towards us.  Because our God is good, all of His dealings, discipline and judgments are redemptive and are for the purpose of drawing us to Himself in a deeper way.  Will life the way we know it, continue forever?  We do not know what the future holds but we do know what the Bible says about the end days and this is the hour to prepare our hearts and build our lives on the Rock and not on sinking sand.  

The Lord drew my attention to the account in Genesis chapter 47, regarding the famine in Egypt.  In the past I have only heard this story told from the perspective of God raising up Joseph to be a "savior", called and favored  in the courts of Pharaoh with a strategy to save the people during the time of famine and this is very true.  God does raise up "Joseph's" with His wisdom in places of leadership and that is why we are instructed to pray for all those in authority and to bless them.  We see the people of the land turned to their government to deal with the problem for them.  First they exchanged all their money for food, then they brought their livestock, cattle, horses, donkeys.  After that was all gone they came to the government and said in verse 19: us and our land in exchange for food and we and our land will be servants to Pharaoh".  The sad part is Joseph's father, Israel and his brothers turned to Egypt for help instead of crying out to God.  There was no mention of repentance, seeking the Lord or inquiring of the Lord for His solution.  Turning to the government/man during hard times will only result in slavery.  In the natural it seemed like there was a happy ending to this story, and for a time things were pretty good but we are not to live lives of "pretty good in the natural" but lives that draw life from the supernatural.  I could go on and on regarding the spirit of entitlement that is upon the people including Christians, but we need to ask the Lord how much we look to government or other leaders to provide for us.  I trust the Holy Spirit in each one of us as we ask Him with a desire for truth.  He is the best teacher.  I believe the Lord is asking us to look deeper into this story so we can go higher in Him for these end times.

God is speaking loud and clear in this hour to not live the way the world lives but to eat and live from the nourishment we get from the Tree of Life, which is Jesus.  There is a way that seems right to man, which is eating from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, but the end leads to destruction.  These are days of preparation, being wise virgins, filling our lamps with the oil of revelation of His mind and His ways. Our greatest prayer of Saskatchewan House of Prayer  is that His people would awaken to the times and seasons we are living in and seek the Lord continually and live in His presence habitually.  Only than do we have the authority to speak into peoples lives and to bring in the harvest.

For the love of the Lord and the love of His Kingdom,

Patricia Fraser

Psalm 27:4
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