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Greetings to all of you across our beautiful province of Saskatchewan.    In October we sent out an invitation to attend a teaching that has been entrusted to us regarding “The Divine Prayer Clock” which is a scriptural basis of the 8 watches of the Lord.  Our mandate, vision and heart’s desperate cry is to see God’s people pray more ….not work more but pray more so God can do the work that needs to be done. From the place of consecrated prayer we are sent out to do what He has commissioned us from His presence.  We had hungry lovers of Jesus come out on Saturday from about a dozen cities, communities and reservations and we ended the teaching with Spirit led worship and intercession.  We believe a fearless, fiery and free people are arising to answer the call to pray around the clock.  It’s not about an individual but about the Body connecting to the Head and led by His Spirit accomplishing His plans and purposes for this generation.  The day of our teaching we received this newsletter from James Goll which we have enclosed.  We are right on time!  We desire to release not only this teaching but to connect the praying people over Saskatchewan for such a time as this.  Please pray and ask the Lord when we can come out to share with your group (no matter how big or small, it does not matter) and lift up your arms to stand with you in your area.

The Day of the Watch Has Come

By James W. Goll

“I will restore the ancient tool, the Watch of the Lord, that has been used and will be used again to change the expression of Christianity across the face of the earth.”

Since God ignited my burden for the Watch of the Lord at Herrnhut, the site of the great Moravian prayer watch, it is no accident that He has sent me to draw from their deep pool of wisdom again and again along my journey. Indeed, the Day of the Watch has come.

God is restoring the fire of the Holy Spirit to His people so we will restore the fire of prayer on His altar of incense and release the glory of God on the earth! Look at the striking parallels between the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on people of prayer in Jerusalem, and on another people of prayer 17 centuries later in Herrnhut, Saxony!

The same God who engineered this miracle in Jerusalem and in Herrnhut in the 1700s appears determined to do the same across the earth before the dawn of the millennium! God is not interested in “corporate assent” to the principle of revival—He demands personal surrender, commitment, and sold-out service in prayer and public witness to His glory!

When the people of God dare to surrender to the Holy Spirit of God and then live lives of continuous consecrated prayer, they will display an infectious joy that will draw the lost to them again and again in divine appointments of destiny.

God’s Intention

Matthew Henry wrote, “When God intends great mercy for His people, the first thing He does is to set them a praying.” God intends to cover the earth with His glory and with a flood of mercy and grace. But first God must wake His sleeping giant, the Church. It is time for you and I to shake the world for Christ from our places of prevailing prayer! We can no longer afford to hear the urgent word of the Lord and walk away passively. The call is the same regardless of what title or flavor adorns the sign over the door of our place of worship.

God is calling His watchmen—every blood-washed saint and redeemed king and priest—in groups of twos or threes to come together on the wall. He is calling forth the ancient tools to bring salvation to our generation. Do you believe dead men’s bones can live again?

I believe dead men’s bones will live again. I believe that the same Spirit who kept the promises of God for generations in the past is waiting for us to enter into the Holy of holies for our time and our generation! There is only one path for you to take if you have received and believed the message of this book: You need to be possessed. God wants you to be possessed with His Spirit in the same way Gideon was! The Amplified Bible says:

But the Spirit of the Lord clothed Gideon with Himself and took possession of him, and he blew a trumpet, and [the clan of] Abiezer was gathered to him (Judges 6:34 AMP).

Nehemiah’s Tools

When Nehemiah the prophet risked all to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem in occupied territory filled with violent enemies, the first thing he did was to establish watchmen on the walls. In fact, everyone who worked on the wall was both workman and watchman, builder and soldier. They would work with a trowel in one hand and a spear in the other. God is quickly setting things into place to build His Church in a quick work. Again, this building project takes place in temporarily occupied territory surrounded by violent and desperate enemies. The first thing God is setting in place is “the Watch of the Lord.”

What are the rewards for these labors? If you could ask the Moravians this question, they would instantly answer: “To win for the Lamb that was slain the reward of His sufferings.” The prayers of the “possessed” are more powerful than any of us know. A German historian named Dr. Warneck wrote in his book, Protestant Missions, “This small Church [the Moravians] in twenty years called into being more missions than the whole Evangelical Church has done in two centuries.”

The work of the Holy Spirit was so complete and deep in the people at Herrnhut that they literally began to live out in microcosm the plan of God for His spotless Bride when He returns! Listen to the words John Wesley wrote after visiting Hernhutt in August of 1738, as recorded by Moravian historian Rev. John Greenfield:

“ `God has given me at length,’ he wrote to his brother Samuel, `the desire of my heart. I am with a Church whose conversation is in Heaven; in whom is the mind that was in Christ, and who so walk as He walked.’ In his journal he wrote: `I would gladly have spent my life here; but my Master called me to labour in another part of His vineyard. O when shall this Christianity cover the earth, as the waters cover the sea?’ ”

On a Worldwide Scale

God fully intends to do on a worldwide scale what He did more than 200 years ago among a divided group of believers from diverse backgrounds. He is out to raise up a Church, a nation of kings and priests, whose determination is to know nothing among men save Jesus Christ and Him crucified, whose theology has become Christology, and whose creed was in one word, the “Cross.”

Are you willing to be “possessed for prayer?” Will you yield yourself as a living sacrifice this very day so that God can clothe you with Himself and conduct warfare for souls? Little keys open big doors. What goes up must come down!

The key to fulfillment and fruitfulness in your life is found in one word of eternal significance: “Yes.” Your commission is clear: As a king and priest cleansed by the blood of Jesus, your lifelong calling is to offer the fire and incense of prayer, praise, worship, and intercession to the Most High God and to intercede on behalf of this lost and dying generation.

Allow the Spirit of Pentecost to fall on you again in all of His fire and glory. Find those of like mind who also have discovered the secrets and power of God’s altar of prayer. Join with one or two others to harmonize your requests to God as you restore the Watch of the Lord in your area. Work with your pastor or church members to raise up a “house of prayer for all nations” that truly fulfills the desire of God.

Pray for the harvest, for workers of the harvest. Seek the face of Him who bared His right Arm in Christ Jesus and redeemed you from the kingdom of darkness. Then, do anything and everything that He tells you with all of your heart. The Moravians discovered the secret place of power called prayer. They also lived out another secret of effective Christian living—that all men and women are ministers of the gospel of Jesus and stewards of a sacred hope that must be trumpeted to hurting people at every occasion. It is time to mount the Watch of the Lord. It is time to light the watch fires and restore the lost art of intercession, the ancient tool of the Lord, to the Church of the Lord. Let it begin!

A Prayer of Consecration

Here I am, Lord. Possess me with your Holy Life. Teach me to release the highest weapon of spiritual warfare—the brilliance of your great Presence. Let the fire of your hot love burn on the altar of my heart. Let there be fire on my altar and may it never go out. Count me in. Sign me up as a watchman on your wall. Restore the lost art of intercession. Restore the power and the passion of the watch of the Lord. Use me in Your End Time Army and set me as an intercessor for Christ’s namesake. Amen.


Psalm 27:4
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