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Jesus quotes Isaiah 56:7 in Matthew 21:13 and Mark 11:17, when He declares, "My house shall be called a house of prayer".  The Lord is the One that is building His House, made up of living stones.  Psalm 127:1 "Unless the Lord builds His house, the builders labor in vain".  When we hear the term "house of prayer", most of us immediately have a picture in our minds of what this means and what it looks like.  Can we lay down our opinions, experiences and knowledge of what we believe a house of prayer is and inquire of the Lord for His plan and purpose?  This is the posture we need to take regarding everything when its comes to His Kingdom and the spiritual realm. As soon as we think we know something, we stop growing in revelation.

For the last seven years we have been on a journey of unlearning, dismantling mindsets and laying down opinions regarding many things that we thought we knew.  From the start, one of the clear words we received from the Lord was, "I am looking for someone who will not build anything, but allow Me to build and lead".  Simple words, yet deep spiritual meaning as we discovered on our corporate walk with Him.    In the beginning we were greatly humbled by costly mistakes, thinking we were following the Lord but our hearing was filtered through our old mindset of what we thought we knew, experience and wanting to be busy for God.  As we transitioned to our main core value of seeking only "one thing", we began to see all that a house of prayer was not, and none of us dared to assume we knew what it really was.  The wonderful part of not knowing is the time spent in prayer individually, but especially corporately.  The Lord drew us into a deep place with Himself, not to give us something to do or build but to capture our hearts in a deeper more profound way. 

One of the things we discovered was: "we" as His disciples are the strategy for what He is building and it isn't about what "we" are doing.  Walking with Jesus and walking corporately is a place where we, as living stones are softened, molded, filled and placed where He wants us not where we decide because of human or natural advantages.  He calls us living stones, not because we breathe, but because we are willing to deny our self life, submit to His ways and learn to live out of His highest life.  For He, and He alone is our Life and He desires to live through us individually and only then can we demonstrate corporately the unity and love that Jesus prayed for in John 17.  We do not live for God but He is to live through us.

"Church", is another word we may have various opinions on what it means, but mostly it has been said that "church" is the place where Christians gather to worship.  We as individuals, that have had the born again experience are the "church" and the building that we gather in is just a meeting place.  I know this is a matter of semantics, but my point is, the Lord's desire is to call out individuals that will totally submit to His Lordship, to be changed, fashioned and filled with His presence and this can only be done through a life of prayer.  Individual "living stones" coming together with abandoned, committed and consecrated hearts,  form a structure that the Lord Himself is building by His Spirit which He calls "a house of prayer".   We are all to be called "houses of prayer", individually as well as when we assemble corporately, because the Father's main desire is intimate relationship with His children and that requires time spent apart with Him habitually.    When we have the revelation and dedicate our lives to the "one thing", which is knowing God and living out of His manifest presence, we are then responsible to stand in the gap for others in the faith and for all mankind to come into this relationship with their Creator through Jesus Christ.  So often we get new believers busy with the work of the ministry before they get established in living out of divine union with God, and the fallout is inevitable.

Our cry for the Body of Christ is to awaken to what salvation really is about and what a disciple of Jesus looks like.   That is our cry and our focused prayer for the Church in Saskatchewan.  I have heard it said that God will bless many things He will not inhabit.  We have to become a habitation of the Lord first, so His desire is met and then from the place of intimacy; hear His voice, know His ways and obey His leading.  We are not just praying for blessings, we desire that as His Body, we would be so committed and in love with Him that it would compel Him to come in a manifest way.  Call it revival, renewal or a revolution, but we will not be silent until we see Saskatchewan become "a dwelling place for the Lord".  May every gathering of believers become a "house of prayer"

Make love your highest aim

Patricia Fraser

Psalm 27:4
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