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Psalm 100 is a tremendous Psalm full of praise and thanksgiving to the Lord.  Walking in the Spirit is all about trusting the Lord regardless of what we see, hear or feel in the natural.  So regardless of our circumstances we can give the Lord praise, glory, honor and thanksgiving because we know our God is good and His plans for us are good.  Saskatchewan is in a season of "very good", not perfect by any means but in light of most other places we have so much to be thankful for. 

I have a file folder (yes I still like hard copies) full of prophetic words regarding Saskatchewan that have been fulfilled and are yet to be fulfilled.  One of the most powerful and to the point was released by Cindy Jacob on March 3, 2004 in Red Deer, Alberta:

"Increase, multiplication, influence a nation.  Bingo!  I'm going to prophecy over Saskatchewan.  Stand up Saskatchewan people.  Can you feel the anointing on this province?  For the Lord says, "I am going to completely reform the government of Saskatchewan.  I am going to put in a premier that has a Joseph anointing, for there is great wealth in that province.  I am going to release this wealth and I will make Saskatchewan the head and not the tail.  I am going to begin to release not only schools of the prophets and worship schools, but I am going to open up the treasures of darkness from the earth.  Even as I prophesied over Alberta oil and gas, I prophesy that minerals, gold, oil and gas, particularly in the northern part of this province, there is going to come wealth.  I am going to raise up some of the wealthiest people in all of Canada from this province," says the Lord.  "I love Saskatchewan!" says the Lord.  The Lord shows me there's been a lot of prayer, a lot of intercession, that they're (intercessors) one of the gold mines, one of the treasures of this nation is Saskatchewan.  Oh, I'm seeing resorts being built there, I am seeing God opening up even tourist spots.  The Lord says, "I am going to revamp the whole place!  I am going to release wealth and it also will be in harvest, for not only a harvest of souls, but I promise that as the curse is broken off the land, I am going to bring twice the harvest-the farms will produce, the ranches will produce."  And God says, "look and see what I will do, because I am going to turn the curse into a blessings!" says the Lord.  But there will be revival in Saskatchewan: there will be great and mighty moving of the Spirit and miracles and signs and wonders!

I have included the whole prophesy because it is time to remind ourselves of God's plans and purposes for us and what He said, He is doing and will do.  I believe all that is required for His Word to be fulfilled is someone to come into agreement with Him and release His Word by faith through prayer and declaration UNTIL we see it fulfilled.  Daniel set His face to seek the Lord in fasting and prayer when he read the prophetic word of Israel being released from captivity and he got his answer after 3 weeks.  Daniel 10:12.....(an angel was sent to Daniel) "and I have come as a consequence of and in response to your words."  The Lord spoke through Cindy Jacobs and said, "the intercessors are one of the gold mines in Saskatchewan".  What an honor from God to the faithful praying people of this land.  The economic prosperity is wonderful, but with it comes the responsibility of stewarding it for Kingdom purposes by the intercessors on behalf of those who handle the natural resources, finances and political decisions.  Natural wealth is better than the state we use to be in as a "have not" province, but oh what a high calling by the King of Kings to be enlisted to take care of eternal Kingdom business through the ministry of intercession.

To date we are still the only province to have a provincial House of Prayer, a team raised up by God to carry the issues of the province to the throne room of God on a continual basis.  Purposeful, targeted prayer works....yet I do not believe we have hit our potential as to what can be done in areas of connected, focused, fervent and unified prayer.  We started to meet in January of 2007 and I know the Lord has built a strong foundation that resembles a "Family" is time for increase.   If you carry any of the Gates in your heart and have not connected with others by praying on conference calls or gathering in person and would like to, please contact us and we would love to hear your heart.

On the economic front please go to this website and see what others in the world are saying about Saskatchewan:

click to go to Enterprise Saskachewan

Another interesting sign of God's favor is the report of a R.M. in Manitoba who wants to secede from their province and join Saskatchewan.  Please Church, do not take this lightly.  We must take our destiny serious by getting informed, taking our place, being obedient to the call and be very, very grateful.  Remember the 10 lepers that Jesus healed, only one came back to thank the Lord.  Don't take His goodness for granted, but be thankful, generous and engaged.

For the love of the Lord and the love of His land,

Patricia Fraser


Psalm 27:4
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