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It has been so wonderful to connect with many across the province, to share hearts and hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying throughout the land. Recently our prayer team in Regina have been getting a reoccurring message and it’s all in the line of worship. We are hearing the same theme from many of you in various parts of the province. He has spoken a lot to us in regards to bells, trumpets and drums. As we’ve met to worship and wait upon the Lord, He has led us to release various sounds and has spoken about a reawakening of the people of God to take their place. Over and over in the scriptures the Lord directs His people to release a sound and the breakthrough comes, the Glory comes down and the enemy is defeated. The sounds are in the form of praise, worship, a shout, the blast of the shofar, the sound of marching feet, spoken word and even the sound of silence.

We are including a few specific words for you to read and meditate on and would love to hear what you are hearing. Our desire is to accumulate what the Lord is saying to the larger Body and discern what His strategy is for this hour. We believe this will be a specific call to unite and release a sound that our Father wants to hear at this time.

The vision I saw was of Saskatchewan, I saw two sounds filling the air across Saskatchewan. The first sound was the sound of the call to worship and I heard again the bells ringing through our province. (I hear them ringing as I travel to and from reserves and see the little country churches with bells). The second sound I saw was the sound of the worship itself. It saturated the whole atmosphere of Saskatchewan. Then I saw a sound to the right in this vision, it was the sound of “incoming” and I saw ground troops (on their knees) suddenly running for cover and other foot soldiers running in fear as the enemy attack worked it’s destruction.

Then God brought me back to focus on Saskatchewan and the air filled with His sound and I saw strategic key areas where God would concentrate gatherings or worshippers, that worship would be drawn out of the hearts of people and God had a purpose in these key areas to release the worship that would come from the corporate. God said you will not hear the third sound as you obey Me in this.

When God showed me the sounds filling the “air” all across Saskatchewan, I believe as we obey and move with the Spirit in the first two sounds, we will not hear the third sound pending. In essence, God is launching His own air strike against the enemy before the enemy has his chance to launch his attack. I realize “incoming” may not only be enemy fire from the air but can come from enemy foot soldiers but the vision was specific to the air of Saskatchewan being filled.

Some significant points regarding:

Bells: signify the time; represents European origin or immigrants; used to convey a message over a long distance; in the past bells were melted down to make spears in time of war, then converted back to bells in time of peace; gathering of the people

Trumpets: bring to attention; gather the troops; represents heaven and an instrument of angels; blown before the release of a word from the Lord; could be the shofar, a God given instrument

Drums: represents the Host People; brings unison of beat and unity in marching; the sound of war

All of these instruments are old and release ancient sounds. I know there is much more that is why we want to hear from you. What are you hearing out there? Please email us at:

Saskatchewan House of Prayer Team


Psalm 27:4
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