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December 2016 NEWSLETTER

Joy to the World, the Lord is come

Let Earth receive her King!


Recently it was brought to our attention that "Joy to the World" was written to celebrate the second coming of Christ.  Isaac Watts wrote it in 1719 based on the second half of Psalm 98, and it is not certain when or who started singing it as a Christmas carol.  I have always loved that song and felt the anointing on it especially when a group of people sang it with all their heart.  We are living in the last days and God is raising up a people to prepare "earth to receive her King".  


When Jesus first came to earth over 2000 years ago as a baby, He demonstrated a posture that we are to model - childlike, humble, lowly, dependent and trusting.  Jesus was born in a simple barn which parallels His choice to start His new life simply in our hearts.  Our whole life is a journey of surrendering our will and exchanging our fallen nature for His divine until Christ is fully formed in us in mature manhood.  Everything we need is in the Seed and all we need to do is supply the environment for healthy growth.  God never intended to give us a set of rules to memorize and then try to act like a Christian.  He is our Heavenly Father that sent His Son to manifest His very Life within us so we could have the same relationship that Jesus has with the Father.  The environment for healthy growth for Jesus to become mature within us is: relationship, relationship, relationship.  A relationship to be intimate, deep and lasting takes time and involves making ourselves known to the Lord in transparency, vulnerability and honesty.  Salvation is the work of the Holy Spirit but the extent of intimacy is up to us.


I love Christmas because I love that God came in the flesh.  Of course, He was not born on December 25th, but if I can demonstrate openly to the world that my joy and excitement is in Jesus, I will take that opportunity every time.  I love Monday mornings too, shopping, paying bills, sleeping, shovelling snow, gardening, eating, visiting, having people over, walking, lazy days and busy days, even problems. . . . .  I love Life because Jesus is my Life!  May I encourage you to celebrate everything and put Jesus in the centre of the celebration and spill over everywhere you go and whoever you touch.  Don't be distracted or hung up with anything but Jesus.  It's that simple.  If you feel stressed or confused or if life gets complicated, go to Jesus and talk it over with Him until you experience an exchange of your thinking for His.


"He rules the world with truth and grace."  He is coming back and He will set up His Kingdom on Earth for all to see and know but we, as His sons and daughters can experience His rulership in our lives now.


On behalf of the family of Saskatchewan House of Prayer, we wish you a Blessed Christmas filled with everything Jesus is.  Celebrate Jesus and be changed from glory to glory until He will not be able to keep Himself from returning for us!


Love to all,

Patricia Fraser

Psalm 27:4
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