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Wow, what a tremendous victory for our province when the Riders won the Grey Cup on home soil.  Years ago the Lord spoke to our intercessory group that the Roughriders would be a sign of where the Church was at and how we were doing in the province.  We have a documented journey of the last sixteen years but we will forget the things that lie behind and discern the sign of today.  "Rider Pride" is a slogan that has been used when we talk about our football team and the Bible speaks much about humility and that pride comes before a fall, but like any "word" we use, the heart is what God looks at.  As intercessors we are always humbling ourselves and repenting of pride but I want to talk about a redemptive pride that God loves.  I am going to share some of  the things that happened and what the media has released that have so many spiritual applications.  We are no longer in the Church age but the Kingdom age and the Riders are demonstrating in the natural what God is doing in the spiritual realm.


• Game plan of the two coaches:  Kent Austin (Hamilton) lays out his goals and expectations and the players follow.  Corey Chamblin (Saskatchewan) stresses family values and 'having your teammates back'.  In the past we operated in the church by having vision, goals, expectations of one another and listening to one leader....the shift is to family, relationship with our Father and relationship with one another, that is the new strategy to win and win convincingly.

• On game day the opposition was introduced one by one as it is always done but Saskatchewan ran out as a team without anyone singled out:  no more focus on individuals in the Kingdom, we are more than a team we are family and we are one.  It was reported that the commissioner was not pleased that Saskatchewan did that, which is another sign that sometimes we are called to do things that are different than how they are always done because we fear God more than man.

• Darian Durant quarterback quote: "I will not be denied, we did it as a family...Rider Nation". We are at a place where we need to be determined that we are going for the highest, whatever the cost and we will not be denied.  Whether we make the team or are in the stands, get engaged for we all share in the victory.

• Corey Chamblin coach quote: "we knew we could do it if we just believed...we were built to win and had the bigger picture in mind". We are more than overcomers because of our faith and knowing we have everything in us, in Christ, to reach our destiny because eternity is always on our mind.

• Our fans conducted themselves in an orderly fashion with an excellent report of being exceedingly passionate, committed, devoted with no destruction. The Body of Christ needs a report like this to demonstrate to all those around us of our commitment, devotion and extravagant passion for Jesus instead of a creed of dead religion.

• There are so many prophetic words that have been released that Saskatchewan shaped like a door, is a door that releases something to the nation. "Rider Nation", there is no other football team that has impacted the nation and even nations in the world like our Riders.

• "13th man" speaks of the collective body making a difference, not only the professionals on the field. This is the shift that everyone is important and all make a difference, not just those in full time ministry.

• Headline: "Domination Rider Nation". The Kingdom of God is dominant and the focus is on Saskatchewan to step up and make a difference.

• Written: "people are generational, age matters not".  God can and wants to flow through every age group.

• Written: "everything is affected by 42 players, 12 actually at one time". Although everyone is included, the Lord only needs a remnant to be totally surrendered and give their life for the game to win on behalf of all.  There is a price to pay to make the team and not all are willing to pay it.


 Yes, we are proud to be  Saskatchewanites....we have been crying out to God and have been endeavoring to walk in this new model of "family", not building a ministry or organization but paying the price to walk in this type of relationship with our Head Coach and the team He is bringing together in our province.  As we have made our focus family, we are experiencing His love and love conquers and overcomes all.  Jesus created us NOT to become a structural organization but a Family, actually a beautiful Bride focused on the Lover of her Soul, a prize that will not perish but is eternal.  Thank You Jesus for giving us a sign in the Saskatchewan Roughriders in the natural of what You are doing in Your Church by Your Spirit.


 On behalf of our SHOP Team we want to wish you a Wonderful Christ filled Christmas as you spread His Spirit to all those around you and may 2014 be a year filled with getting our lamp filled with fresh oil and staying awake and alert as we see the Bible prophecies unfold before our very eyes. 


For the love of the Lord and the love of His coming,

Patricia Fraser

Psalm 27:4
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