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The sound of worship in Saskatchewan has gone out in many forms this summer. Besides Sunday services, camps meetings have released praise and hunger for more of Jesus. At the recent youth gathering in Spring Lake, the sound of multigenerational worship was expressed. Many of us were at the Promise Gathering in Ottawa where praise of our King, His goodness and faithfulness were declared.

We have entered a new season of waiting for what our King is saying. There is a sense of a narrow way, of humility to enter, of dismantling to follow Him. We believe the Lord established the feasts in the old testament as a foreshadow of all that Christ was to fulfill and we now have entered into a new era of the kingdom. Nevertheless, the Jewish seasons can reflect what God is doing in the body of the church.

At sundown on 19 August 2009 we enter the season of Teshuvah according to the Jews. This is a 30 day period that precedes the New Year or Rosh Hashanah which falls on 19 and 20 September this year. Rosh Hashanah is an appointment with God where the gates of heaven open for 10 days and the court is seated to review our books. How have we done in the last year? Are we ready to be promoted or should we be demoted? Teshuvah (the 30 days before Rosh Hashanah) is the season in which we prepare for this appointment with God by repenting and turning from all sin that the Lord unveils. It is the time to apply the blood of Jesus to our lives and re-align ourselves with the perfect will of God. The rabbis even believe that if we repent with our whole heart during this time, we can regain missed destiny. Mistakes and consequences of bad decisions can be reversed and brought back into God’s original plan for your life through repentance during Teshuvah.

Saskatchewan House Of Prayer is putting out a call to seek the Lord for a fast; personally and for our province. We have fasted, we have repented, yet with each call comes a deeper consecration and preparation for all that lies ahead. We need the Lord to show us our hearts at the root level and ask Him to put His axe to the root. What a wonderful Redeemer we have who wants to reverse and bring back into His original plan even our mistakes and bad decisions, that we will enter into all He has prepared for us, that we will not miss our destiny.

God has had SHOP walk in such a different way than we’ve ever walked before and I know we have not done it perfectly. We have been so careful not to initiate that we have missed opportunities to advance His purposes. I believe this Jewish New Year will truly be a time of new beginnings.

Please seek the Lord for the fast He would require of you for the province. Feel free to email any questions, concerns or direction that you receive to We look forward to walking together in the new season.

For the love of our Lord and our land,
Saskatchewan House Of Prayer Team

Psalm 27:4
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