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There has been a longing for a burning heart for the Lord for years and many of you have expressed the same longing.  When we have come together for our provincial SHOP gatherings, for worship 'Burns' in the province, or 'Ask for Rain' in our cities many have cried out to the Lord for more fire. We desire to be ones who will burn with a passionate heart to know Jesus, with a consuming fire of Holy Spirit that transforms us in this world. In crying out to Him, we have become aware that this also is His desire to set our hearts on fire for Him.


Our provincial house of prayer is doing a corporate fast to seek Jesus that begins this coming Friday, April 22 for 50 days. What we cannot do individually, we can together press in corporately with each person doing a part . . . There is a corporate grace that we can enter for greater fire, greater passion for Him! There is such an awareness that for the days ahead, we need more of Jesus for the journey!


Following the Hebraic calendar, Passover begins at supper April 22nd, Friday with 50 days until Pentecost, June 12. 50 days is significant as the number represents the Holy Spirit and this particular Jubilee year (50 years) happens only every 50 years! There has been much written about the significance of this Jubilee year. AzusaNow 'Call' started the season with much expectation. First was much repentance, then reconciliation amid much anointed worship. A prophetic person had a vision of a 50 foot blue wave which he felt indicated an unprecedented wave of Holy Spirit! Johnny Enlow's 50 Foot Wave (click on)


Each individual will fast for 24 hours from 6 pm the previous day until 6 pm of their fasting day, breaking fast at supper time! So if a person chooses Saturday, they would start their fast after supper on Friday.  Their fast would be for 24 hours until supper on Saturday.  Now how hard is that?  With everyone taking one day for 7 weeks, we have a corporate fast for 50 days!  For individuals working full-time or with medical conditions, inquire of the Lord for specifics.  Because this is corporate, we all carry one another!


You are encouraged to choose a day a week to fast for 7 weeks. We encourage you to spend set apart waiting on God, hearing His voice and praying for what's on His heart. Take time to journal and let this time be a discovery of His heart. Be delighted in Scripture and consecrate yourself anew to Him.


Let's focus together praying for:

• Corporately, we are pressing into Abba's heart for His consuming fire!  We need a Pentecost anointing!

• Pray for Saskatchewan that we will enter the destiny that God has prepared us for. Our province has a specific end time promise and plan that we desire to enter.

• Join the corporate prayer for revival and salvations in this province!

• Cry out for LIFE issues in the province, in the nation: regarding euthanasia and abortion. We're repenting for the altars of death in the land and asking God for laws that protect human life.


So grateful for each one of you and thankful that we have a provincial family that we are walking with!


SHOP leadership team

Psalm 27:4
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