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There is a momentum building in the province with the Sk Parental Consent initiative that was announced this February 10, 2014 at the steps of the Legislative Building. As a House of Prayer, we have prayed much for families, for vulnerable youth as well as the unborn in our province. We are grateful for this initiative led by Michael Schouten, an articulate young man who believes that if parental consent for teenagers seeking abortion was required families would be strengthened.

Most people are unaware that parental consent is required for those under 18 such as tanning, body piercing and tattoos (by their licensing laws). But the same young woman can have an abortion without informing or having parental consent. This leaves the door wide open for coercion of abortions, for abusive relationships to continue with concealment. There are implications for this high risk age group with human trafficking.  See post in Ottawa and Regina

Canada has the fewest laws around issues of abortion of western countries. In fact our absence of laws puts us alongside China and North Korea. While laws regarding abortion are federal jurisdiction, Saskatchewan is the first province to request protection for teenagers seeking abortion by requesting parental consent. Presently, the government has not decided to proceed yet with legislation but there are MLAs who are supportive of legislative process.

For the present government to consider legislation requiring parental consent, they need to hear from their constituents. Click on emails to your MLA which are user friendly and can be sent frequently. Petitions can be printed (in landscape) and signed by friends, groups and family (do not have to be voting age). You can take them to your MLA yourself but must send copies of them to your local ProLife office or us. If you prefer for us to take them to MLAs you can mail them to SHOP at Box 37037, Regina, Sk.  S4S 7K3.

Saskatchewan House of Prayer is not initiating Sk Parental Consent. But we have been a presence in the Legislation Building for 7 years, praying for those in government to have wisdom to lead the people of Saskatchewan. We see the favour of God at the present time on Sk Parental Consent and believe this is a time many of us have prayed for; that God would protect the vulnerable in our families, including girls at risk and their unborn.

"From many people strength" is written in Latin over the entrance to our Legislation Building. Some initiatives taken are:

• A social worker visited her MLA who had not yet heard of Sk Parental Consent. She stated it was a family issue and teenagers need to be protected.

• Petitions are being signed and regularly brought to MLAs. Many churches are on board!

• Our MLA immediately understood the potential for young girls who are at risk to be coerced into abortion and abusive relationships or human trafficking to thrive. She is on board.

• Many individuals are sending emails to their MLAs.

• Several will be visiting their MLAs in the next weeks including a youth group to present letters as to why they would want their parents involved if they were considering abortion.

• A woman is taking her story of being bullied into an abortion because of poor self esteem to her MLA.
Will you add your voice? No one else can speak for you . . 'from many people strength'. 
If you are considering visiting your MLA, we suggest you thank them for their hard work and for representing you. It is more beneficial if you stay single focused on 'parental consent' than if you bring in several issues. Expect to have 15 minutes and thank them for their time.  

Pray for Caucus Committee as they meet to decide whether to initiate legislation requiring parental consent for teenage abortion.


for the love of the people

Joanne Lepp 

Saskatchewan House of Prayer

Psalm 27:4
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