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I've been in radio since Mother's Day 1972 which means that this year will mark 40 years in the wonderful world of radio. During those years, I've been a disc jockey, read news and sports, did some hockey play by play and even described the start of a dog race. Early in my broadcasting career I learned that my strengths were in advertising sales and promotions which took me to radio station management and ownership. But it's only been in the last half dozen years that I've really sensed that God's call on my life is much more than starting and then running a successful radio station.

As a Christian broadcaster / businessman, I've been able to connect with the business and faith community and the community at large in exciting and creative ways. I believe God has called me to be a 'Christian broadcaster ' and I believe He has even gifted me to fulfill that call. For many years I have not understood that call and was even confused about how to bring my passion for radio under His influence. Our creative Father has taken care of that with continual divine connections to the local business community, connections that have even been used to bring unity amongst denominations and unique opportunities to pray with and for businessmen more

Psalm 27:4



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