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Luke 1:68 Blessed is the Lord God of Israel, for He has visited and redeemed His people.

Though despised and cast out, yet I have called you... “YET I AM RAISING YOU LIKE THE LIGHTHOUSE”. Those that are lost will find refuge and hope in you (I saw a basket bountiful with seeds); Like the children of Israel (sons of Jacob), that went to Egypt where their brother had been sold. Despised, YET you are the basket that will save your nation.

Despised, like David, whom his father did not regard that worthy to be at the sacrifice with Samuel the prophet of God; when God had appointed and wanted the king of Israel anointed.  Yes, despised; yet “I” will raise you as a beacon of hope for your brothers and your nation. I will spew them out of the seas – those that I have called to do my work; to till your land and bring healing. From the corners of the earth, North, South, East and West, I will gather them to prophesy and cause you to ARISE, like Samuel whom I sent to anoint David. You are a well /river of hope, light of your nation.

Oh, Basket of Hope, what caused you to tarry? What delayed you? What is it that arrested you?

What caused you to fall short of your destiny? I will raise my sons and daughters from ashore. YES! They will speak to the dry bones and say “hear the word of the Lord” Ezekiel 37:4

Like Oholah - she played the harlot even though she was mine. Ezekiel 23:5-8 and Ezekiel 16: 20-25. God says, but you were mine! I have come to heal and restore you, so that you can take your position and be the symbol of light and hope for your nation. ARISE, SASKATCHEWAN, ARISE! For this is the time of Grace. This is your time. Redeem this moment.

Never again will people be afraid, sceptical or weary to be associated with you. Instead, they will be attracted and drawn towards you. Your land is your condition. When you see your land prosper you, you will know that even in the spiritual realm, you are being aligned with my will. You are in the centre of my will and purpose for Canada. (2 Chronicles 6:14) 

Men and women from afar will come to raise my altar in your land. It shall be known as the dwelling place of God; for I will reign amongst you. Your generations are blessed because of the seed (prayers) that your forefathers planted.  They are blessed for Saskatchewan shall arise! No longer shall you be forgotten and rejected. My eyes are fixed on you.  

“Saskatchewan, Arise! Saskatchewan Arise! For God has redeemed you for His glory”. 

Saskatchewan Arise! Never again will you be despised. Your children are blessed, your people are blessed and your nation is blessed. Your destiny shall not be aborted.



Mary Zwane - 2010

Psalm 27:4
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