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Marc DuPont
Spring 1997

"There are ancient wells that the Lord was going to cause to rise up again. I saw water coming down to some of the old wells that the spirit had dug before and I see geysers rising up out of the old wells that had become dormant. " One of the keys is the old Mennonite movements, the things God did with the Mennonites and other groups long ago, these are going to become geysers again in the next few years. There is something deeply significant about this area of Canada. God is not through with the Mennonites, God is not through with the Mennonites, the best is still yet to come. We pray and bless the Mennonite church and bless the heritage and bless what God has done in the past and is doing. The best is yet to come for the Mennonite movement. Pray for a stirring of the waters and prophesy the best is yet to come and I say spring up you wells in the name of Jesus, and I say let intercessors rise up in the Mennonites in the body of Christ in this part of Canada, let evangelists rise up, let prophetic men and women and children rise up and I say let evangelists rise up and let the pastors and elders and leaders rise up in the spirit of God, and I say Lord let there be a fresh breakthrough over the freedom of the holy spirit, the power of the holy spirit ,and the proclamation of the gospel in the name of Jesus. I bless the old wells in the name of Jesus to rise up, let them become broad watering places in the name of Jesus. There are going to be youth that are going to be touched in the Mennonite movement,that are going to be moving powerfully in the spirit of God."

Psalm 27:4
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