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Linda McMurphy
Vision: Unity Angels
May 2005


While attending a conference in Saskatoon I believe I heard the Lord say," He was laying a corner stone." I then saw him lay a large cornerstone on the southwest corner of the province of Saskatchewan. He then laid more stones, one on each corner of the province. These stones were very large and flat, the word leveling stones came to mind as I saw them being laid down. I then saw angels take position on each stone. These angels were massive in size and carried national authority over this region. Each one had a torch in their hand; they lifted their torches over the province so the flames touched in the center. They then began to throw the torches to each other with great precision and unity. These torches flew around and over the province. I could see the fire being stirred up and increase as they did this. They stopped and positioned the torches over the province again. As they did this awe and stillness filled my heart and the presence of the Lord descended over the province and into the center of where these torches came together. (It was indescribable.)

I waited to see what would happen next:

My view then expanded over the entire nation I saw similar stones being positioned on the corners of each province and angels taking position on the stones. In some the provinces the angels remained still, over others the angels would touch the torches together, and over others they were beginning to throw them around. My sense was each province was in the same process just moving forward and different times.

I waited to see what would happen next over the nation:

I could see as if seeing prophetically with in the vision, this was not happening now but as if this is what could happen next. As the provinces became unified with in themselves they would become unified nationally. I could see each province move from passing torches within their own region to touching their torches together in the center of the nation and then to throwing them to each other from province to province, from coast to coast.

I waited to see what would happen next:

I thought that I would see the presence of the Lord descend over the nation as I had seen him do over Saskatchewan, but I didn’t see that. Instead I saw the provinces as they are now with the angles positioning them selves on the cornerstones. And I beleive I heard the Lord say to me, “Return to Saskatchewan that is where you are now. I will in time unfold my plan over the nation.” In the spirit I returned to Saskatchewan and quickly enter back into his presence that hovered in the center of the torches over the province.

I believe the Lord is laying foundational stones across the nation and these angels carry the authority to release national *unity. Unity is the key cornerstone, preparing the way like a leveling stone would to prepare a solid foundation to build on. Unity in our homes in our churches in our cities in our regions will break open national unity. Stone upon stone.

Psalm 27:4
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