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Linda McMurphy
March 2005


"I heard the sound of thunder coming from the west, like the sound of thousands upon thousand of hands pounding on the ground. I then saw the western provinces and multitudes of hands pounding the ground along the western Saskatchewan border. Fire was ignited the ground thundered and their was great excitement , then I saw it subside and build up again. As the fire moved through the province many not understanding what was happening ran to put the fires out. I saw people running into the fields with buckets of water and throwing it on the fire, this created a lot of smoke and very poor visibility. I then saw others come with blankets to fan the fire to clear the smoke and ignite the fires again. At the end of this vision I saw a processional of banners at the end was a new standard. On it was a picture of a sword pointing downwards dividing a wheat field. The wheat was ripe and ready for harvest and bowed over, fire covered the ground and burned up the backs of the bowed over wheat. The word I kept hearing was TOUCH DOWN.


My sense as I was seeing this was that the fire would come with an intensity and excitement at first, that it would come in waves. Many are not going to understand how this could be God and will attempt to put the fires out. And a sense of being patient persistent and persevering in the midst of opposition and lack of understanding. Also I keep seeing root fires across the prairies and sense this not just going to be a wild fire, fire on the surface, but a deep underground fire going after deep roots. The new growth that appears after these fires will be not be the same crops that have come up before but NEW. I believe I heard the Lord say that the fires will touch their lives, their hearts, their families their churches and their ministries."

Psalm 27:4
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