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Nov 2016


Many signs point to the soon return of Jesus Christ as King! 


At a recent gathering in Jerusalem, a vision was shared of Jesus riding a white horse with a sword coming out of His mouth.  He was very majestic and glorious in appearance.  He was travelling from Kiriath Jearim to Jerusalem, the route David took when he brought the ark home.  To do this He had to travel through the Ben Hinnom valley which was the place where babies and children were offered to Molech by being burned alive.  This valley was filled with ashes.  He stopped.  Suddenly a whirlwind came out of heaven before Him and like a giant vacuum cleaner, sucked up the ashes.  Other little whirlwinds from various directions joined in.  As this whirlwind went before Him, there would be a carpet of red flowers before Him which He rode on with great majesty!  At the end of the vision He was on the Temple Mount sitting on His Throne! 


The whirlwind is the global movement of worship, with smaller whirlwinds of worship joining in from around the world.  It picked up the ashes of children that have been offered to false gods.  This indicates what God is doing to clean up Satan's efforts to kill off a generation called of God.  It also represents the revelation of Jesus as Messiah that is being born in the land (Israel) right now!  Satan would try to cut it off, to stop it.  What stops him is the huge whirlwind of worship from many nations.  It will go before Jesus and He will ride behind it with His Blood redeeming the curse! Amen! 


In meditating on this vision, I realize the indigenous peoples of this land have been targeted by Satan to kill off this generation.  The ashes of many lie in the valley.   Despite that, I am in full agreement that we are a generation called by God for His purposes.  With all the carnage left from residential school abuse, substance abuse, incest, untimely deaths, family violence, suicide, missing and murdered women plus the onslaught of racism from non aboriginals, what is the answer to such seemingly insurmountable issues?  Jesus is riding through the valley filled with ashes in great majesty with a Sword in His mouth!  


In travelling to other nations, I am discovering that tribal peoples elsewhere have suffered similar atrocities and have fought to survive. But there is a movement beginning to take place especially in Asia.  I hear the sound of war!  It's like the early rumblings of an earthquake.  God is starting to awaken the tribal peoples of the earth.  Places like Malaysia, Taiwan, Philippines, Samoa and the Islands of the Pacific are experiencing healing and reconciliation with God and others as forgiveness is released.   They are finding their identity in their Heavenly Father, coming out of that place of being a victim or even a survivor to freedom in the love of God as His love heals and restores their hearts.  Warriors are arising in the earth!  BUT this is a covert operation.  It is an army clothed with humility, seeking one worship and follow the King!  Although they are free to release their sound, show their colors and express their uniqueness, it's not about them.  All glory belongs to King Jesus! 


David Demian shared a word from the Lord:  It will take ancient anointings (sounds) to release endtime anointings.  Hence the strategy of the enemy has been to destroy the ancient peoples of every nation.  This awakening will be a reminder to him of the faithfulness of our God! 


After this I looked, and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and before the Lamb. They were wearing white robes and were holding palm branches in their hands.  And they cried out in a loud voice:  "Salvation belongs to our God, who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb."  Revelation 7:9-10.  See also Rev 5:9, 11:9, 13:7, 14:6.  Five times in the book of Revelation alone is there mention of tribes in relation to the redeemed in endtime activities.  This confirms what we are beginning to witness among the tribal peoples in the nations. In the endtimes God will awaken and align the tribes to become a part of that company that will stand before the Throne in worship unto the King.  Hallelujah! 


To end this writing I will declare SHALOM!  We understand this word to mean PEACE which it does but there's more.  The four Hebrew letters that make up this word translated mean "to devour the authority that holds in place chaos".   The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet.  Romans 16:20 

SHALOM! over the chaos in the lives, families, communities and nations of our First Peoples of Canada!!! May every legal entry point of the enemy in every life be covered and sealed by the Blood of Jesus.  The whirlwind of worship from every tribe will join with the nations to prepare the way for the King.  




The God of Peace has come! 

Donna Reinheimer

When you think of revivals in Saskatchewan, does LaLoche ever enter your mind? Not likely. Well it should. In 2005, there was an outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the North that was unprecedented. And the place was LaLoche, a northern community bordering the Clearwater River Dene Nation in Northwest Saskatchewan. A tent was erected and a campmeeting was held. What started off as a regular campmeeting soon turned into a revival that brought hundreds of people to experience the power of God in dynamic healings and salvations. What started off as a week of meetings, extended to two weeks and more because of the hunger of people's hearts and the power of God to meet people's needs. The tent moved on to other northern communities as the fire continued to burn.

Now, several years later, there is a sense that those embers are beginning to reignite. God's people are being drawn to gather to fast, pray and worship together from various communities in the region, something that was attempted but without success in previous times. Intercessors are encouraged that their prayers over the years have not been in vain, even though there may only have been two or three meeting together. On a recent visit, we experienced something different. Our intercession seemed easy, without the usual 'plowing' that was always a known element of prayer in the past. And it came with power and authority. We didn't encounter roadblocks or obstacles that would usually try to hinder prayer strategies in the past. Revelation seemed to flow unhindered. We weren't combatting the usual dark heaviness in these communities. It was truly a sense of BREAKTHROUGH! In the natural, things didn't appear any different, but there was definitely a change in the spirit realm over Northwest Saskatchewan!

At a recent visit to LaLoche for a prayer and fasting weekend, the Lord gave a vision of LaLoche as a tower releasing a signal that was similar to a lighthouse in that it rotated so the signal was released in all directions. There is a destiny for this northern community. Pastors and intercessors engaged together in prayer, fasting and worship to seek the Lord for the entire weekend. That in itself is a miracle! The Lord drew our attention to Zechariah 10:8 I will signal for them and gather them in. Surely I will redeem them; they will be as numerous as before. At the precise time this word was released, the smoke detectors sounded! Shouts erupted, a shofar blast sounded and a call went out in the spirit to release the signal that would go throughout the north to awaken the people to their God given destiny. We prophesied that all those who had fallen back into the world from the '05 revival would come back and be even more numerous. There is a 'sound' that God wants to release through His people to send a signal that will cause a great harvest to be brought in. He has chosen LaLoche, a despised place, but called of God for His glory.

Often we associate the North with isolation. The Lord revealed this to be a demonic strategy to bring discouragement and defeat. We began to repent for thinking and speaking in this manner as it was contrary to the will of God. Through revelation, we began to see and declare that communities and people of the north are not isolated but have been HIDDEN by God for His end time purposes. The difficulties of being removed and distant from other communities has been a strategy of the Lord for preparation of what is to come. Treasures have been hidden in the North by God, about to be revealed. I will give you hidden treasures, riches stored in secret places,so that you may know that I am the Lord, the God of Israel, who summons you by name. Is 45:3.

In a vision I saw the Lord with a scroll in His hand that He placed into my heart. Then I saw His hand reach into my heart and grasp and remove something(s). I then saw a pair of large shoes with thick rubber soles with good grips. I believe the scroll represents new mandates written on our scrolls for this present time that was put directly into the heart to bypass the mind. This cannot be understood with human intellect or reasoning but only understood in the Spirit. He is removing things that would hinder, delay or weigh us down bringing a cleansing and streamlining to our lives. There is a correlation between the scroll and shoes. We are being given proper footwear to walk out what He has written for us on our scroll. They are rugged shoes to tread, walk, run in rough places and also protection for our feet so we can keep on. Jer 12:5 ...If you have raced with men on foot and they have tired you out, then how can you compete with horses? And if [you take to flight] in a land of peace where you feel secure, then what will you do [when you tread the tangled maze of jungle haunted by lions] in the swelling and flooding of the Jordan?

Many prophecies have come forth over the years about the glory of God coming from the North. Let us pray for our brothers and sisters scattered throughout the beautiful Northland to receive their mandate and come into agreement with it, to place the shoes on their feet to run the race where God has strategically placed them! We will see His glory shine forth from the North. Amen!


Donna Reinheimer




Thy Kingdom Come!


This was a declaration that the Lord encouraged about 1500 of us at the 11-11 Gathering in Vancouver from many nations to make regarding ourselves at this time in history. It was a declaration of faith; one that we need to repeat often so our spiritual ears receive the truth about our calling in this generation in order that we adequately prepared for the coming of the bridegroom.

Here are several other points that impacted me greatly:

* Brokenness and Humility are essential – The Malaysian brothers and sisters brought a birthday gift for David Demian but it was broken in transport. It was a beautiful horse made of teak wood. As they presented this broken horse, the word with it was, “Unless a horse is broken, it is useless to it’s owner.” Although this was what God was speaking specifically to Malaysia, the impact it had on all of us was huge! As we move forward into the time that is ahead, let us allow ourselves to be broken so we can be fully useful to our Master.

* During a moment of silence on November 11th at 11:00 a.m., we heard a cannon being fired from a Canadian warship in the harbour adjacent to Canada Place where we were meeting. In my mind I was thinking of the usual Remembrance Day events across the nation with a bugler and 21 gun salute. To my surprise I heard the cannon firing! It sent a vibration through the room! I heard the Lord say, “I’m sending in the HEAVY ARTILLERY” which I sensed was going to deal with obstacles, hindrances in our lives that have kept us from fulfilling our destiny but also in our families, regions, nations.

The declaration was made, “THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS HERE!”. No longer is it in future tense, but present. Nations presented themselves before the Lord by saying, “We come as a nation and report for duty. Let Your will be done in us and in our nation as it is in Heaven.” God continues to reveal the destiny of nations and the part each nation plays in assisting other nations to fulfill those destinies. What a great time to be alive!

What part do First Peoples of Canada play in the nations?


SHOP First Peoples Gate:

There is an increasing sense of transitioning within the First Peoples Gate and we are continually seeking the Lord for His direction. Please pray with us for direction as we navigate through this time.We invite your discernment as wisdom comes in a multitude of counsellors. We invite our First Nations and Metis brothers and sisters to release your voice at this time through email or on prayer calls. My caution is that we do not try to duplicate anything from the past but that we see and hear what God’s purposes are for the province of Saskatchewan as we prepare to enter 2012.

Donna Reinheimer   




I (Paul) urge you (Timothy), first of all, to pray….. 1 Tim 2:1

Jesus said, ‘My house shall be called a house of prayer for ALL nations…. Mk11:17

On my recent trip to Asia (Philippines and Hong Kong), I have witnessed the awakening of the body of Christ to prayer. Last year, I attended the National Intercessors Gathering in Manila, a three day call to fast and pray where an estimated 20,000 people gathered from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. in an open air stadium to worship and pray for their nation. I witnessed as deep repentance flowed from hearts and a cry for God to come to their nation. Then in the city of Tabuk in northern Luzon, Philippines, I’ve watched as the desire for prayer continues to increase in the hearts of God’s people. The pastor shares how prayer one day a week just ‘wasn’t enough’. They increased it to three days, then that ‘wasn’t enough’. Meeting for prayer increased as God increased their desire to pray. It evolved from one day per week to where they now meet for Dawn Watch (5:30 -6:30 a.m.) Monday to Saturday and on my recent visit, Night Watch was introduced (with great enthusiasm!) which they are continuing each Friday. (THINK ABOUT the time and effort to go to pray EACH morning (instead of sleeping) and to sacrifice your Friday nights (my time to kick back) to stay awake ALL night to pray. (Not intended as a guilt trip, just to see what other ‘normal’ people do.)

As I joined them (not as a leader), I felt God was imparting something into my heart that I would release here in Saskatchewan and Canada. People met faithfully, with joy and not a sense of duty, rising very early in the morning, walking or hiring transportation to attend. Later, most would go to work and their daily routines. My heart was impacted by the commitment and simplicity. Lighthouse church in Tabuk, Kalinga is called to be a birthing place for prayer, even in the nations. As we would meet in the early morning, the first rays of sunlight would shine over the people as they knelt in prayer – God’s glory upon His people. Many houses of prayer on the mountains and in homes, prayer meetings, prayer retreats will come forth from this small, faithful group.

In early June I attended a gathering in Hong Kong where 12,000 Chinese people from over 30 nations gathered to worship and seek God’s heart. The impact of being among a people with such a strong desire to meet with the Father, many from the persecuted church, some even risking their lives to attend, goes beyond words.

Why do I share all these things with you as the intercessors/watchmen in the province? God sees your faithfulness! The little you things you do, when added to the whole, become of great importance. I recently heard this statement – THE WHOLE IS GREATER THAN THE SUM OF IT’S PARTS. Don’t despise your part! It is vital and has exponential worth when mixed with those who receive this email, but also many who are not on this list who cry out to God for His Kingdom to be established among His First Peoples in this province. There is a growing desire to blanket this province in prayer. Let us take the example and encouragement from the saints in Asia to place prayer as the FIRST priority as Paul instructed Timothy.

1) Prayer Calls: Our bi-weekly prayer conference calls are often attended by a small handful of people, at times by one person only. We are not discouraged by this but know we encourage each other when we join in faith together to pray.

2) Prayer meetings: Gather people in your sphere of influence to pray regularly whether that be family, friends, workmates or a neighborhood group. Don’t be discouraged by small numbers – God works with a remnant.

3) Come away: Numerous people are sensing a growing desire to establish their farms, homes, etc. as places where people can come and rest and wait on God. I encourage you to find such a place. Prairie Sanctuary (my farm), is available for those desiring to have undisturbed time with Him. (306-728-2055)


Donna Reinheimer




In the year 2010, a passionate, very dedicated delegation of First Nations, Métis and Inuit, under the leadership of Kenny and Louise Blacksmith, traversed Canada from coast to coast and into the Arctic on a mission called Journey of Freedom. The message was healing and freedom through forgiveness. Then our nation witnessed the power of humility as the First Peoples along with many witnesses, gathered in Ottawa at the Forgiven Summit to extend forgiveness to the government and the church for residential school abuse. Many Canadians, many church representatives, all generations and delegates from several nations came together to witness the signing of the Charter of Forgiveness and later the presentation of it to Chuck Strahl, Minister of Indian and Northern Affairs in the absence of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, to say “We Forgive You!”. What a powerful moment in our history!
All generations of Saskatchewan First Peoples were well represented at this national gathering with Elders from Flying Dust, youth from White Bear and a children’s choir from Flying Dust that sang O Canada in Cree. Other First Nations and Métis leaders participated in providing servant leadership to ensure this gathering was a success.

In the words of Kenny Blacksmith…Releasing forgiveness is not easy but we were created to live in the power of forgiveness. Expressing sincere forgiveness founded on the unconditional love, grace and mercy of Father and Creator God, is key to unlocking greater doors to healing, and to a strong and prosperous future that is right for all people in Canada. A national expression of forgiveness will be a timely momentous progressive move towards a means to breaking a yoke of a negative past. Forgiveness will bring freedom from a spiritual poverty over First Peoples and our nation. Forgiveness will breathe new life to our common desire for an improved vision of a shared future of a blessed nation.

Many testimonies were shared of those who found true freedom through forgiveness. A profound testimony came from Grand Chief BILLY DIAMOND. During his speech, he released a powerful declaration over First People and over Canada that reverberated through the heavens – FREEDOM! FREEDOM! FREEDOM! FREEDOM! FREEDOM!

There was an awareness that something shifted over our nation and something profound had been set in motion that we would begin to witness in the days to come as we would continue to contend by faith for the destiny of First Peoples and Canada. Another declaration was made – “THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF A HEALING REVIVAL IN CANADA!”

Now, seven months later…. What, if anything is happening as a result of these acts of humility, sacrifice and faith? Has life gone on as ‘usual’? Do we see any major changes to the gang violence, suicides, untimely deaths, family violence, alcoholism and drug abuse among First Peoples in Saskatchewan? Maybe not BUT here are some testimonies and visions that have been collected over the past few weeks in Saskatchewan (with a couple of exceptions), to encourage all of us:
• First Nations friend miraculously healed from a near fatal automobile accident, is now experiencing the glory of God as she shares her experiences in many communities; also holding regular prayer meetings in her home.
• First Nations woman in Yukon contended for her son and saw him come out of a coma, near death back to life.
• First Nations woman in Manitoba rising up in leadership to make inroads into bringing hope, healing and transformation into numerous communities in the north; also with a vision to reach into the Arctic.
• Righteous people are sensing the call to provide leadership on their reserves with a vision to bring transformation for their people.
• Pastors who have a vision to host a provincial prayer gathering for native ministries.
• First Nations leaders who are being called to hold worship gatherings throughout the province.
• A leader in First Nations Education producing a drama presentation to combat gang violence with a message of love, that a true warrior walks in love, honor, integrity, peace with all mankind versus the weapons of destruction like hate, violence, dishonesty, guns.
• A young woman with a vision to share God’s love and to bring restoration to young aboriginal women who have lived in prostitution on the streets of our cities.
• Young people who are turning to Christ from a life of addictions and emptiness to a purpose-filled life and are leading the way with their passion for God, His Word and prayer.
• A hunger for deeper teaching of the Word of God in northern communities.
• A vision to reach into remote northern communities with fellowship and the Word of God.
• First Nations people rising up with a call to bring reform into government, healthcare, justice, family and education.
• Increase in reports of salvations, prayer meetings and Bible studies in a growing number of reserves and northern communities throughout the province.
• Many healings and salvations in northeastern communities that has sparked a new zeal for God.

These give us sufficient evidence that God is working out His plan; He’s not silent and yes, THE HEALING HAS BEGUN! ‘Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart…’ Jeremiah 1:5a. As God had a specific plan already set out for Jeremiah before his birth, so He has a destiny carefully planned out for First Peoples in Canada, specifically Saskatchewan. Many champions are emerging from obscurity. Let us not grow weary in well doing – specifically in keeping our watch in fasting, prayer and remaining strong in faith. The harvest awaits us!
- Donna Reinheimer

Saskatchewan House of Prayer has a call for watchmen to arise into gates that pray life into the province. We anticipate involvement with first peoples in every gate but the First Peoples Gate specifically calls out their destiny and uniqueness.

Sow for yourselves righteousness, reap the fruit of unfailing love, and break up your unplowed (fallow) ground; for it is time to seek the Lord until he comes and showers righteousness on you.
Hosea 10:12

This scripture pounded in my heart as I traveled to sixteen reserves and northern communities, covering about 4000 km in our beautiful province. In the natural it was harvest time, the golden fields reminding me of my childhood when everyone pitched in to bring the harvest in while there was time. This was a stark reminder of the season we are in spiritually and the urgency to bring the harvest in before it is lost. As I traveled the roads, the fall colors were breathtaking. More than ever before I was astounded at the brilliant colors; the combination of reds, yellows, oranges and greens. Like a beautiful creation of an artist’s paintbrush on a canvas, this is an assurance of the Father’s hand in what is taking place in Saskatchewan.

The cry of the Spirit is NOW IS THE TIME! This prayer journey was initiated as a result of a National call to 200 days of fasting and prayer in Canada. Now is the time to….Break up your unplowed ground…..For IT IS TIME to SEEK THE LORD….UNTIL……

As the call went out to gather corporately to fast, pray and seek the Lord together in regions, many obstacles were encountered: busyness with agendas, distractions, divisions, strife, unwillingness, lack of teaching, lack of commitment, discouragement. In some areas, strong resistance arose but we prevailed and saw breakthrough. The urgency increased with fasting and waiting on the Lord in each area. Those that were available participated. The Holy Spirit was faithful, moving among us mightily even though the numbers were small. Prayer was held around kitchen tables, in living rooms and churches with men, women, youth and children participating. Relationships were an important aspect of this assignment with new relationships established in places. Many relationships were strengthened and some broken relationships were restored which was a precious gift from the Father.

Areas the Holy Spirit highlighted as believers gathered:

· Waiting on God (Isaiah 40:31) by laying down our own ways, thoughts and ideas to pick up His heart.
· Seeking God in worship and prayer (Isaiah 55).
· Fasting, important for a new release of anointing and power in the Christian life.
· Family, building strong relationships through love and laying down our lives for each other.
· Unity or oneness of heart and purpose for the release of corporate anointing and authority
· Awakening of the Bride (Matthew 25) with readiness and lamps filled with oil
· Preparing the new wineskin as Jesus said, I will build MY church…
· Establishing a strong foundation of prayer and worship is an ongoing mandate.

A prayer gathering began in the southeast region of our province in July to cover approximately 25-30 reserves about every six weeks. It is becoming apparent how powerful corporate prayer can be when there is corporate unity. The vision is to establish similar prayer gatherings throughout the province in the First Peoples Gate. The Lord has also called us to stand with individual reserves to help establish a solid prayer foundation preparing for what He has planned to build there.

All this is to awaken us to the TIME we are in, to BREAK UP the unplowed ground through repentance and intercession and to SEEK THE LORD until HE COMES and pours out His righteousness all over Saskatchewan First Peoples. NOW IS THE TIME!

Donna Reinheimer
First Peoples Gate
Saskatchewan House of Prayer




Saskatchewan is a province that is both rich in it’s natural resources and it’s people. One of these people groups is the aboriginal population which add to the unique diversity in this province. This diversity is to be celebrated for the contribution that it brings to the whole, without which Saskatchewan would be lacking. Due to the oppressive problems that have plagued the aboriginal community, this has presented many challenges. Regardless, God has revealed the plans of His heart for the First Peoples both in the nation and this province through numerous prophecies over the years. For those who believe the promises of God, we can boldly declare, “LET MY PEOPLE GO!”.

Our vision is to see all peoples in this province healed and set free and walking together, shoulder to shoulder – all cultures, peoples and languages, (actually not even aware of our differences), to see the Kingdom of God released . To focus on the problems, except to gain understanding, would be non productive. With a heart of understanding and co-operation, we can learn from the mistakes of the past and move toward building a brighter future for the generations to come. First Peoples are not lesser than or weaker than other people groups. In fact, they hold a very important key for Christ’s church to take her place to see the destruction of the enemy’s strongholds and the advancement of the Kingdom of God. That key, we believe, is innocence restored in Jesus Christ – the freedom to walk with and hear the Father’s voice as the original First People, Adam and Eve in the Garden, which enables the power of God to be released without hindrance.

In the midst of death and destruction which has spawned great hopelessness, there is a sense that winds of change are beginning to blow. Hope is rising! With renewed faith, an army of God’s children are emerging with a desire to pray for the First Peoples. These prayers are not going unnoticed. Breakthrough into freedom and deliverance from bondage is on the horizon. This is not the time to despair at the immensity of the problem. Looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith…. It is time to remain steadfast as victory is near; the time when God will say, “Enough!” and go to war against His enemies.

And they shall say, This land that was desolate has become like the garden of Eden, and the waste and desolate and ruined cities are fortified and inhabited. Then the nations that are left round about you shall know that I the Lord have rebuilt the ruined places and replanted that which was desolate. I the Lord have spoken it, and I will do it. Ezekiel 36:35,36 (also Jer. 32:36-2).font>

Donna Reinheimer

Psalm 27:4
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