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 "I bow my knees before the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ for Whom every family in heaven and on earth is named - from Whom all fatherhood takes its title and derivesits name."  Ephesians 3:15 


Family is God's idea; family is birthed out of Father's heart and is His design for each of us to belong to a family.  It is His love that holds family together, that draws us into His heart.  From this love, we root out what is not from Him so that we can we can be rooted IN HIM!  Within family, we learn trust and belonging and if we do not learn it in our natural family, we learn it in our spiritual family!  He gives us another chance to receive what we may have missed! It is His idea for us to learn to receive love as well as to give love.


We pray that Christian families will know the importance of pouring into their children.  That families would be rooted and grounded in Christ, not just Christian in appearance. That communication would come back into husband and wife and joint prayer before the Lord. We ask for the revelation of that love beyond all that we can ask or think or understand.  We cannot grasp this love unless Holy Spirit does a deep work within our hearts and fills us.  That marriages and families would be released from captivity into the love of Christ.  That emotional prison doors would open and that the light of Christ would shine in and flood homes in Saskatchewan!








“Honour (esteem and value as precious) your father and your mother; as the Lord your God commanded you, that your days may be prolonged, and that it may go well with you in the land which the Lord your God gives you.” Deuteronomy 5:16

1. Interestingly it happened on March 19th 2008, which was one day before we started a conference that we felt was very significant called “Honouring the Fathers.” We had a promise from God that if we would honour the fathers of the prior generation, that He would release the spirit of revival. The Bible says that the Lord is going to send the spirit and power of Elijah before the great and terrible day of the Lord. That unique anointing will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the children to the fathers, "Lest he comes and smites the earth with a curse. . ."

“And I believe, at least for our nation, there has been a curse on our land because of the lack of the honouring of the fathers. I believe we’re to honour the fathers of the prior generation as well as the fathers of the apostolic age. And in many ways, for the Gentile nations we are to honour the Jewish people, because they are the fathers of the prior generations to bring us into the covenant of God.”
– Quote by Paul Keith Davis

Fathers and mothers are imperfect people that God has entrusted with the task of raising children. When we honour what they have done in the Name of God, we preserve the seed of righteousness which God has planted and they have protected in our hearts.

We would like to encourage you to personally connect through phone or a card with someone who has made a difference in your life, who knows Jesus and has modelled what He taught. This may not be a validation of everything they have taught but releases the opposite spirit of criticism and judgement that is so prevalent.
Take this opportunity to place those who have mentored spiritually or physically in Saskatchewan, on the Honour Roll, who have since died. They welcomed the promise from a distance and sacrificed for those who would come after them. Even those who believed just before they passed on left seeds of faith for the coming harvest.

1871-1936 Peter Friesen homesteaded and established a school and a church by Hepburn. He ministered faithfully, providing leadership during cultural transition for his people.

1877 – 1977 Elizabeth (Koethler) Enns came as an early pioneer to Herbert. “Little Granny” was barely five feet tall and frail but contained amazing inner strength. Despite the terrible things she went through was always quick to laugh.

1879-1947 Mark Korycki pioneered and raised 7 children. He was a godly, quiet gentle man who loved the Lord, prayed and read the Bible to his children. Thank you for such a rich godly inheritance.

1889-l988 Leon Ruest, born in Quebec, he came as a pioneer to homestead for 60 years by Admiral. He was a man of prayers and saw many miraculous answers to his prayers.

1889-1968 Tina Friesen had a quiet, gentle spirit who knew how to pray. She raised 11 children during the depression, several who became missionaries and lay preachers.

1892-1973 John Michael Lasko came from Austria, pioneered and worked hard as a farmer. Loved his family and grandchildren and had a big generous loving heart.

1893-1974 Lea Ruest, born in Quebec, she married Leon Ruest and raised a family of 11 children in the fear and love of God. She lived in the presence of God, often singing melodies of love to the Lord.

1895-1988 Mary Lasko came from Ukraine, pioneered and raised 3 children. She had great faith in God, prayed for all her loved ones and was always so thankful He looked after her needs through the different seasons of life. Psalm 91: 15-16.

1899-1999 Jenny Povey, as a teacher at 18, had church in the school on Sunday to read the Bible to people who at that time were illiterate. Again after marrying, in the 30s she would read Scripture in the school to people who were spiritually hungry.

1900-1989 Anne Fast was a seamstress who could design from an Eaton’s catalogue. In her senior alone years she faithfully prayed for her entire family every day.

1900 -1977 Peter Penner was faithful and went after the Lord until the day he died. His perseverance set an example to his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

1902-1999 Anthony Olde as a young lad left his homeland and pioneered. He was grateful for jobs of hauling coal, building roads, hauling freight up north with the Hudson Bay Co., and finally purchasing and clearing land and becoming a farmer. He lent a hand and finances to many and called this a blessed place to live in. Prov. 13:22

1903-1973 Elizabeth (Schultz) Penner worked alongside her husband to raise Godly children. I am thankful for this heritage.

1903-1975 Philip Korycki was a gentle man of few words who loved the Lord. He raised 4 children and labored as a farmer.

1904-1993 Anastasia Minduik raised 3 children and worked hard as a farmer’s wife. She is a gentle soul who prayed and trusted in God.

1912-2002 Walter Korycki was a farmer and a jack of all trades. He raised 8 children and loved the Lord.

1913-2008 Margaret Epp, was a professional writer from Waldheim who wrote 39 books, both novels and biographies. She was loved by her many nieces and nephews.

1914-1994 Peter Korycki raised 4 children, was a hard working farmer and never spoke badly about anyone. He loved and appreciated all he had and thanked God for all he was given.

1916-1981 Alvena Epp was a gentle, sweet woman who raised five godly daughters. She was a minister’s wife who prayed and served alongside his extensive ministry.

1916-2007 Sylvester Dirks served with Wycliffe in Peru for many years. He was a preacher who could be at home in the jungle but also pastoring churches.

1919-2002 Mathilda (Epp)Dirks was a missionary to Peru with Sylvester, known for her gentleness and prayer life. She raised 8 children, some of them beginning in the jungle.

1919-1993 Irma Warkentin was a gentle praying woman. She was especially appreciated the years she taught young moms along with their babies and toddlers to be godly women.

1919-2002 Alsace Wawryk raised 6 children who loved and dutifully sacrificed much for her family. She had the gift of hospitality and treated everyone like royalty. Psalm 116 is her epitaph.

1920-1998 Selma Lautermilch worked alongside her husband, had 2 children and was a shining example of God’s goodness to all. She deeply prayed for her family and their children.

1921-2008 James E. Chartiers is known for his many years of faithfulness in this province. Following service in WW2, he was a pastor for many years and known for Glad Tidings radio broadcast.

1922-2005 Ernie Schmidt served as a medic in WW2, then went to the Congo as a missionary doctor. Later, as an obstetrician, he spoke out against abortion.

1922-2008 Evelyn Chartiers was faithful to serve God in the province. Newly married, her husband gone during WW2, she started the church in Candue, then together in North Battleford

1924-2008 Katy Penner, raised near Swift Current, Katy served in the Congo as a missionary nurse for 35 years, establishing teaching and administration programs in hospitals.

1924-1987 Esther Jost, born in Hepburn, was a dedicated teacher in the public school system many years, and also taught many children in after school clubs about the gospel. A faithful example to our family of steadfastness and humility throughout a tough life, she was killed in a hit and run accident.

1926-2006 Doreen Janzen was a business woman, mentor, intercessor, Sunday school teacher, wife and mother who always had time for you. She loved God, cared for her family, and served her church and community.

1930-2009 Alice Ruest became a nurse, then joined the armed forces and served in the US, Canada, Germany. Her home was always open and people from many nations found rest. Known as an encourager, generous giver she was a pillar of strength, humility and truth.

1931-2008 Don Jost, born at Herbert, modelled a wonderful marriage and parenting to us. He was a faithful pastor who influenced many thru his ministry of music, TV hosting and working with Barry Moore in the 70s.

1932-2010 Marcel Fiddler, known as the kindest, gentlest person.  He was the beloved pastor of Cumberland House, faithful and prayed for revival with a vision for Cumberland House. Husband, father and grandfather, he loved to cook, loved to laugh and loved to love!

1936-2009 Lillianne Ruest was a nun, became a teacher until muscular dystrophy prevented her. She lived with her sisters and is best known as a faithful person of prayer, touching people around the world. She would never boast but was full of thankfulness and grace. She left giant shoes to fill!

1949-2009 Ron Laird was best known for his charitable help to those in need. Always the first to volunteer for any project, his smile and generous heart made him a favourite.

1950-2005 Susan Bodnarchuk was a faithful woman of God and prayer who lived and died with praise on her lips. A spiritual mother to many with a heart for the poor, she found joy and wonder all along her journey.

1952-2004 Brenna Goodfellow was a mother and homemaker who learned to overcome physical disability. Her faith in her last years gave her a hope of dancing in heaven!

“I bow my knees before the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, for Whom every family in heaven and on earth is named – from Whom all fatherhood takes its title and derives its name.” Ephesians 3:15
It has been said that “FAMILY” is the birthright of Saskatchewan and part of our destiny. The burden for family has been carried by many in this province. Much prayer has centered on the fragmentation of family in the core of our cities as well as on our reserves. Our history as an agricultural society, blended with strong family values of First People has contributed to a sowing of generational sacrifice for the family.
The historic apology of Prime Minister Harper on June 11th, 2008 provides a legal, spiritual covering on the national level for the healing that needs to take place at a family level. We heard the forgiveness extended to this land to release from the generational sins of the past. This is critical to receiving the blessing we need to restore the authority of the family, the identity of our young people and a reawakening of faith to revive relationships.

At the recent Watchmen Gathering in Moose Jaw, June 12 – 14, family was a strong theme. The Joseph anointing on our province which has been stated before was presented in a new way by David Demian. Joseph was the dreamer who was captive in prison but when the time was right for him to be released, he became the redeemer not only of his family but also a nation. The dreams of this province are not dead though we have seen our young people move away, our farms and small businesses suffer. As Joseph’s dreams were crushed when he was imprisoned, these dreams are arising again. Besides the financial anointing on Joseph, he was also used to remove the guilt from his family for what had been done to him, after he had gone through a journey of humility. God did not change the evil but used the evil for good.

The seeds that have been sown in past generations, seeds of integrity, faithfulness and labour of those who laid down their lives for this region, these seeds are now flourishing and we are the fruit of what has been sown in the past. The righteous seed and the link to the generations is what our fathers have sown for much has laid dormant in the ground. We heard His heartbeat mingled with the throb of the land, a corporate groan arising for release, restoration, reawakening. The song arose wanting God to be our King, the Name above all other Names. One of the secrets of end time harvest is unity of the Body. The body must die to their own desires to obey the Head, Jesus. John 12:24 “Unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone. But if it dies, it produces many others and yields a rich harvest.”

Children were welcome at the gathering enjoying dancing, art stations and “learning to hear God”. One child’s drawings brought the word that Jesus took our pain. She said a window had opened to the heavens and a wind had come. As a prophetic act that we are all one Body, we each wrote our name on a leaf and hung it on a family tree at the front. The Body of Christ is a family who Father God is breathing life on.
In the final moments of the gathering, a door with a map of Saskatchewan was brought forward. Our province is shaped like a door and as a door we are responsible to open it wide to God’s purposes. This day, we sense that the door has been opened to healing, closed to pain and closed to hiding. Our God has come, has filled our hearts with gratitude and wonder at His plans for Saskatchewan. Truly, this gathering had a surprise element of crossing over into staking our ground and occupying. We ended our time together with a family picnic, for family that prays together must play and eat together. Saskatchewan, you will not leave a gap. You will fulfill your destiny linking the forefathers with the children, both the First Peoples and the immigrants. It is a family destiny.

Joanne Lepp



Psalm 27:4
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