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Sask Regional Leadership Gathering
Word by Emile Abadir, June 9, 2007

I am hearing an audible voice resonating in my ear saying to SK, “it is time for Gideon’s call”; it is time to release the so-called 10,000 who are not fearful or intimidated to such a military call. The Lord is saying, “You are My militants in this province. Those who are not willing to respond, they will miss out and miss out on a lot.” But the Lord is addressing the so-called 10,000 who are willing to lay down their lives unconditionally.

The Lord is saying, “The Midianites are not as you think. They are principalities and authority in the spiritual realm”. The Lord is saying to you, “such authority and principalities are keeping the land – they are keeping the holy prophets from seeing the glory of GOD”.

The Lord is saying, “be careful! You are wrestling and your battle is not flesh and blood. It is such that are standing against the enemy – faithful warriors in this region in this province. But my heart is sad and grieved. Sometimes you think that your battle is flesh and blood and so you lose the battle and go through many kinds of difficulties. But now, I am opening your spiritual eyes to know the principalities are standing in a resistant way. I will open your eyes with the anointing of my divine salve to see the principalities who are resisting you day and night and causing disasters in your personal life.”

The Lord is saying to you, “be prepared. I will open your eyes to see something you have never seen before – a kind of fierce spiritual battle. It doesn’t mean the individual type of resistance and warfare. It needs your corporealness. The enemy is intimidated by your corporealness”, saith the Lord.

“Some of you will be seeing the unseen and if you submit yourselves one to another, I will cause your corporateness to intimidate the camp of the enemy”, saith the Lord. “The instruments of your strategy will be a simple one. I will cause some of you to trumpet the victory even before it is being sounded. And when I seek them – a time of corporateness entering into such a warfare – you will know that the victory is not yours – it’s Mine”.

The Lord says, the enemy’s camp is saying – “whatever you do is fruitless”. But I am saying to you, whatever you do according to My instructions in such a corporate spirit, I will defeat the enemy and you will see My glory revealed. Don’t be afraid. Don’t be intimidated. Time will come and you will own and possess your land”, saith the Lord.

Psalm 27:4
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