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Over 40 individuals from Saskatchewan attended the 822 Gathering (named after Zechariah 8:22) in Jerusalem from November 10-13.  Over 20 nations gathered, 2000 of the 4000 being from Chinese nations.  David Demian has invested his life to work with leaders in the various nations to stir up repentance, reconciliation and unity for the destiny of these nations to be realized.  Beginning this work in Canada, David and the Canadian family have walked with European nations, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and most recently with Jewish and Arab believers.  

Gatherings have no official speakers, no famous names to attract people, no personal agenda except to worship the Lord and follow His leading by corporately discerning what He is saying.  The emphasis is abandoned pure worship, exalting Jesus and desiring only His manifest presence with a team of fathers and mothers in the nations discerning the leading of each session.  

During the Gathering we heard leaders from the nations share how the Canadians have taught them to walk as family instead of like an organized institution.  Canada is truly demonstrating her destiny of bringing healing to the nations when pastors wept as they gave testimony of learning how to love, hug and walk as fathers with their congregations.  They all admitted it was easier to just function in ministry then to walk as family, but they came to know that this relationship is what the Father desires and requires.  Gathering to worship with the nations and to hear the hearts of the leaders was life life changing and encouraging.  

We as SHOP are practising to walk in this model of the Kingdom: abandoned worship, no personal agendas, wanting Jesus to lead and to covenant to walk as family with quitting not being an option.  I want to encourage you to listen and watch the archived sessions from 822 Gathering  (click on) so that you can receive all that was released in Jerusalem, that Saskatchewan will become the family and therefore the dwelling place of the Lord of Glory.

Make love your highest aim,

Patricia Fraser



While the Canadians are known for 'family', the Chinese have taken the understanding of 'family' to another level.  David Demian describes the journey of family as 'designed in Canada and made in China'!  We were deeply touched by the sharing of mainland Chinese leaders who described how the understanding of Father's heart and of family impacted their ministries.  As part of the underground church, they have impacted hundreds of millions of believers.

As the leaders shared how difficult it has been to walk out the commitment as family, there was laughter and tears.  One leader in particular, shared how he always carried a small case of bare essentials which was always with him.  He never entered a building without knowing where the exits were or a meeting without a plan of escape.  Expectation of having to run anytime and the experience of imprisonment had deeply influenced him so that it was difficult to understand that family could mean 'standing together' in the place of fear.  As he was sharing, he lost his words and emotion began to surface.  Others from his team came around him with kleenexes. Soon all were weeping, then sobbing and they held each other   As David came on stage to hold him and kiss his tears, gentle sobbing broke out across the auditorium for many in the audience have known the fellowship of Christ's sufferings.  See November 13 sessions.

This was an impacting moment for all of us from the free world where we mingled our tears with those who have paid a higher price to serve Jesus.  God caused our hearts to melt for our international family and pulled us with cords of love deeper into His heart.  Jesus is the desire of the nations and He WILL have His full inheritance.


Joanne Lepp

Psalm 27:4
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