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Cindy Jacobs
March 3, 2004

“Increase, multiplication, influence a nation. Bingo! I'm going to prophesy over Saskatchewan. Stand up Saskatchewan people. Can you feel the anointing on this province? For the Lord says, "I Am going to completely reform the government of Saskatchewan. I am going to put in a prime minister (premier) that has a Joseph anointing, for there is great wealth in that province. I am going to release this wealth and I will make Saskatchewan the head and not the tail." And the Lord says, "I am going to begin to release not only schools of the prophets and worship schools, but I am going to open up the treasures of darkness from the earth." Even as I prophesied over Alberta oil and gas, I prophesy that minerals, gold, oil and gas, particularly in the northern part of this province, there is going to come wealth. And the Lord says, "I am going to raise up some of the wealthiest people in all of Canada from this province," says the Lord. So the Lord says, "I Love Saskatchewan!" The Lord shows me there's been a lot of prayer, a lot of intercession, that they're one of the gold mines, one of the treasures for this nation is Saskatchewan.

Oh, I'm seeing resorts being built there, I am seeing God opening up even tourist spots. The Lord says, "I'm going to revamp the whole place!" and the Lord says, "I am going the release wealth and it also will be in harvest, for not only there's going to be a harvest of souls, but I promise," the Lord says, "that as the curse is broken off this land, I am going to bring twice the harvest-the farms will produce, the ranches will produce." And God says, "look and see what I will do, because I am going to turn the curse into a blessing!" says God. But there will be revival in Saskatchewan: there will be great and mighty moving of the Spirit and miracles and signs and wonders!


Cindy Jacobs praying (publicly) over a Saskatchewan farmer at Red Deer Conference - 2002

Cindy: Where do you live? Farmer: Saskatchewan.

Cindy: "Father, in the name of Jesus. This is a revival area. This is an area where you want to bring tremendous revival."

Psalm 27:4
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