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January 2013

In the spring of 2012, the Lord gave our SHOP Team an assignment to drive on the highways circling the province as a prophetic act.... declaring that a "highway of holiness" is being prepared for His soon return. We prayed that it would be all inclusive and that no part of Saskatchewan would be left out of what the Lord was about to do in establishing His Kingdom on Earth. After we completed the drive we were then directed to go to seven areas throughout the province to meet with others of like heart. He told us He would reveal the obstacles and hindrances that prevent Him from coming.

What an amazing assignment. A team of 6 to 12 from around the province went to each area, first meeting to pray and discern what God was saying and then meeting with those living in the area to worship, share our burden and pray together. We know that every sin known to man resides everywhere and that the root of all sin is pride, which is living our lives without God. The Lord made it very clear that our repentance had to start with ourselves on behalf of the Church. We learned so much about ourselves individually as we corporately met and the Lord allowed the sin He wanted to show us to be manifest and operational amongst us. As the Lord unveiled the enemy's strategies and the issues of our heart and how we were all prone to fall victim to his devices, we were able to repent in brokenness and humility, applying the blood of Jesus over the area, exposing the enemy and praying that the truth would set all of us free to walk in a greater level of holiness and consecration to the Lord. We as the Body of Christ are the strategy to bring transformation and the manifestation of His presence by walking in repentance, humility and total dependence on God.

I am not going to name the places where the specific sins were exposed and identified, lest we judge and label that particular place and we miss the point of the whole assignment. What I ask is that we each come to the Lord and ask Him to examine our hearts to see if we operate in any of these sins thus giving the enemy an opening to use us or take us out personally. Many different sins fall under each category, but we believe the Lord showed us these seven that are hindrances and obstacles that prevent Him from finding a resting place, first in the Church and in our land.

#1 - Much of the Church is asleep, complacent and not discerning the times and seasons she is living in

#2 - Much of the Church has a divided heart, with love for the things of this world

#3 -Much of the Church is self-sufficient and in control vs asking the Holy Spirit to take control

#4 -There is much accusation against one another operating within the Church

#5 - We are allowing intimidation to influence our obedience

#6 - There is much fear and hope deferred

#7 - Not knowing our own worth and gifting there is much coveting and jealousy

Please let us as the Body of Christ allow the Holy Spirit to deal with each and every root issue in our heart and walk in transparency, humility and holiness. There is not one righteous among us, Jesus is our righteousness but the Bible makes it very clear that if we say we have no sin, the truth is not in us...but if we confess our sin He is faithful and just to forgive us and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. Let us ask the Holy Spirit to help us be sensitive and discerning as to how the enemy operates so we will not be deceived. Jesus is coming back for a Glorious Church, a Bride without spot or wrinkle. The time is short, let us make ourselves ready.

For the love of the Lord and the love of His Kingdom,

Patricia Fraser & the SHOP Team




There were several of us from Saskatchewan that had the privilege of attending the 11:11 Gathering in Vancouver. It is always difficult to give a report after attending a spiritual function because it is not so much about information but an impartation which is hard to communicate in words. The Gathering was a call for a representation from not only the nation of Canada but from various nations that we as the Church of Canada through Watchmen have walked in relationship with throughout the last several years. All who are walking in an intimate relationship with the Father know the time and season we are living in. Unfortunately there is a large segment of the Church that is still asleep. Remember the parable of the 10 virgins not only the foolish but the wise were sleeping. In that same parable there is a “voice” at midnight that awakens the sleepy virgins. Who is the voice? The Spirit of the Lord has  been wooing, inviting and provoking us to a deeper walk of not only intimacy but of a submission to a deep work of cleansing, surrendering and submitting to our Lord and Master. Jesus Christ has truly set us free and in this freedom He has invited us to lay down our lives and to live for Him alone. Not  all have accepted this invitation. . . for many are called but few are chosen. With that abandonment comes the privilege of knowing His heart and ways and to be positioned to be used for His highest purposes. This is what this Gathering was about. Abandoned lovers of Jesus coming together to worship, wait on the Lord and hear corporately what He is saying to the Church in this hour. The Father so loves us individually but His desire is always to manifest Himself through His corporate Body and that is why it is so necessary to come together, learning to hear the Lord and each other and to walk in love and unity.

Each session started with worship, not just singing songs but lingering in His presence, adoring and loving on Jesus. Personally the highlight for me was when the Church of Malaysia brought a white horse made out of teak to present as a gift to David Demian. To their horror when they opened the package the horse was broken in four pieces. As they wept before the Lord they heard  Him say, “a horse is useful only after it is broken” they felt the Lord  was revealing to them that brokenness is part of His dealing in our lives before we can be used for His highest purposes. . . for it is not by might or power but by His Spirit. Who among us have not experienced brokenness through life’s journey?

Throughout  the Gathering the Lord continued to reveal His heart and exposed ours as we wept, rejoiced, danced and had our hearts enlarged to fall more in  love with Him and each other. Harvest time is upon us and “you have been chosen for such a time as this”. . . to awaken the Body, to reach out to the lost and hurting and to experience the greatest move of God the world has ever seen. It was not about being at this Gathering, it is about seeking the face of God, hearing, obeying and running after Him and making choices that keep us from being distracted, complacent or deceived. Find others with a burning heart for Jesus and run together. I for one know I cannot make it on my own. . . I need you. It is time to gather so we can experience the presence of God together. We need to give Him room to do what needs to be done in our hearts to change us, to prepare us and to establish and make us One Body.

“Father we ask that you would connect us. Give us a desire to gather with
others to seek Your face, glorify Your Name, and hear what is on Your heart. Make us One with You and with each other in Jesus Name.”

Patricia Fraser
For the love of the Lord and the love of our Land




I have been diligently seeking the Lord for more of Him, and in my seeking I felt such a pain of longing in my heart. I believe the Lord was allowing me to experience what His heart feels for His distracted Bride. . . His longing for intimacy with undivided devotion of her love. I have also been feeling the Father’s heart…..broken for the way His children are treating each other, walking in offence, unforgiveness, bitterness and division. June 8th was Pentecost, and I sought the Lord in prayer and fasting. After 5 hours of intercession and travail I felt such victory and joy, a measure of breakthrough for myself personally with revelation and clarity in the Spirit. Let us keep pressing in, for our God wants to reveal Himself even more than we want to see Him but we must understand the process. Let us look at the life of King David, a man after God’s own heart and his progression of the three levels of anointing.

In I Samuel 16:13 Samuel anointed David amongst his brethren. Like us as Christians we can be anointed with the Holy Spirit; it is free, not earned and its for everyone that wants it and we receive it by faith. God does not take His gift away regardless of how we steward it. So many in the Body of Christ are satisfied to just have this anointing or they do not know or understand that there is more. This explains why we have seen true anointing in ministry flowing out of carnal people that cause division in the Church. Let that not be us, but let us move on to Christ likeness.

After 7 years and 6 months of being tested to serve under Saul, David was anointed to be King of Judah at Hebron (means seat of association) I Samuel 2:4. There is a price to pay for the anointing of authority and that is to walk with the Body of Christ under authority in submission, to cover, pray for and believe the best of one another. It’s about alignment: with God first and then align with one another. We need to deal with our baggage of independence, ego, pride, rebellion and “I only need Jesus and not the Church” mentality. It costs a lot to walk in relationship; it’s a commitment, its covenant, it’s doing whatever it takes to walk as family. The anointing of authority is given to those under authority.

In I Samuel 5:3 after a time of proving faithful in the sphere of authority he was given, David was anointed king over Israel. Jerusalem is in Israel and it’s the city where Jesus Himself will set up His government. Jerusalem is God’s place of rulership. It’s about overcoming, there is a price to pay, dying to the flesh and our carnal ways.
Rev 3:21 He who overcomes I will grant him to sit beside Me on My throne as I Myself overcame and sat down beside My Father on His throne.

So let us press on beyond the first anointing and fulfill the greatest commandment to love one another….. for how can we say we love God and hate our brother. God has been speaking so much to us about holiness and overcoming the lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh and the pride of life. We cannot rule over what we ourselves have not overcome.

I have also experienced times of being overcome by the love of God and His goodness and I felt that He was getting us ready for a mighty outpouring of blessing like we have never experienced before. This blessing is for the Body that have been pressing in with Jesus, for His presence, to bring Him pleasure by our worship and obedience. His Glory is coming and His goodness will overtake us in the midst of difficult days ahead. Start expecting suddenlies. Continue to be awake and alert, loving His appearing and do not get weary in well doing.

You are all so greatly loved … come into agreement with the Word of God and reject anything and everything that does not align with His truth. For truth sets us free and remember: the sum of His Word is truth (Proverbs 119:160). We must not pick and chose what we like or dislike in His Word, let us accept and embrace it all.

For the love of the Lord and the love of His Body,




Patricia Fraser regarding a Church Gate conference call:

We all felt the burden of what we were sharing regarding the Church. The wonderful thing is that as we prayed we felt the Spirit lift us as He revealed to us His Bridal love and that if we focus on Him, seek Him with all our hearts and be yoked to Him these burdens would be light. We must make our first and foremost aim to return to and stay in our “first love”. We must know that Jesus has a burning desire for us and so we need to respond. We shared that if the Bridal Love is maintained we will love others in the same way we are loved as we love the Lord. At any level of revelation we can become religious….we shift from trusting in God alone to trusting in what we know and what we can do.

There was a caution: DO NOT stop seeking revelation but be careful not to depend on that to get results. An example is prayer. There has been more revelation, teaching, conferences, strategies and information on all manner of prayer….and yet there seems to be less prayer then before. Have many become intimidated by so much information and so stay away? Has there been an expectation for revelation of strategies at every meeting and if they do not happen we leave because we then say “the Spirit wasn’t allowed to move”? As we gather to pray we need to make room for the pastoral prayer people and allow for the spirit to move through the prophetic people but not judge the prayer meeting by how we feel or what happened. For God hears and answers and He delights to show Himself strong through our weakness so regardless of how powerful or charismatic we may sound… is His arm that moves to bring the victory.

Whether we have a powerful prayer meeting or a seemingly ordinary one let us believe by faith that it is our God alone that is always great and He answers prayer. Our part is to walk in humility and repentance, keep our heart in passion, love and faith and then ask, seek and knock…leaving the rest to Him. Bottom line, we are responsible to get “in love with the Lord and stay in passionate love with the Lord”, to hear and obey His Word and His specific instructions. How we need to gather and remind ourselves of this simplicity and encourage each other to keep contending for this truth and for standing in the gap for the complete Body of Christ, because of LOVE.

For the love of the Lord and the love of His Bride,

Patricia Fraser




• Hopefully you have had a restful and fulfilling summer with family and friends. I’m sure our Father’s heart is delighted when He sees His children take time together, sharing hearts and having fun.

Our God is not only about work but He desires that we enter into His rest and operate from that place.

• Twenty three of us from Saskatchewan met with others in Quebec City for a Canadian Leader’s Watchmen Gathering from August 11th to 16th. One evening we were called to the platform to share our hearts and our journey and to our amazement the Lord unveiled us as an example of a Body walking as a family in love and unity. I believe we modeled a representation of what is happening all over our province as individuals focus more on building relationships than on ministry goals and accomplishments. Over the last two years a group of leaders has been meeting on a regular basis to share hearts, worship and seek the Lord for strategy for the province.

The strategy, we discovered, is the container. . . . . a family that has fallen in love with eachother.

• The rest of Canada came up to bless us and pray for us, then asked us to come to their cities and provinces to impart what we carry. Everyone was surprised to see such treasure in Saskatchewan. Needless to say we were all surprised what the Lord has done in and through us, in spite of us.

What we have been doing in SHOP. . . is building “deep” relationships with individuals throughout the province which in the natural does not look like much of an accomplishment. Building a relationship with the Lord and with each other takes time. Relationship will continue to be our main aim, but it is time to embrace the larger body to take ownership of our province. So much is happening in Saskatchewan and as a church we are responsible to steward what the Lord is doing. There are two tracks to which we are inviting people to position themselves. The first is as a watchman to a gate or area of specific concern. This involves a commitment to be alert and watching, discerning and sharing with others in the same gate through phone, email and conference calls. The second track is to have individuals take responsibility to gather with others in their village, town or city to seek the Lord together for their inheritance. Our goal is to claim every place in Saskatchewan for the Lord and place a stake in the ground that all will be included.

Many of us have personally experienced what our province has gone through for decades. . . “being hidden”. Have you ever felt that you were not heard when you spoke, you were not noticed but were overlooked, insignificant, ignored. These are common to all of us from time to time, but I have experienced this in an exaggerated way over the last several months. As I embraced the pain, I sensed the Lord telling me that it was an intercessory assignment. Many people have come under the spirit of insignificance and our province has been hidden like this for a very long time. The Lord’s ways are not like our ways and the hiddenness is actually His way of protecting what He is doing until the fullness of time. The Lord has done great things for us in this last year and I believe the veil over us has been removed and it is time for us to walk out our destiny by faith. We must ask the Lord to continue to keep us individually hidden so that people will only see Him and not us. It’s all about His glory. As we raise up a prayer covering over the land the Lord will direct and lead us to fulfill His purposes, not only for Saskatchewan but for Canada and the nations of the world.

God has prepared and is calling many to take their place on the Wall as watchmen. This involves commitment to take ownership for a specific area of influence by joining others throughout the province by conference calls. We are not only stationed on the wall, we are part of the wall made up of living stones that the Lord is fitting together. As each community gathers together we will seek the Lord for our inheritance. The Lord is building His House and when it is ready He will come in all His Glory to dwell. We are that dwelling place. . . . what an honour, what a privilege, what a responsibility.

Looking forward to sharing the vision, connecting and seeking the Lord together.

Much Love,

Patricia Fraser


Psalm 27:4
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