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In the spring of 2012, the Lord gave our SHOP Team an assignment to drive on the highways circling the province as a prophetic act.... declaring that a "highway of holiness" is being prepared for His soon return. We prayed that it would be all inclusive and that no part of Saskatchewan would be left out of what the Lord was about to do in establishing His Kingdom on Earth. After we completed the drive we were then directed to go to seven areas throughout the province to meet with others of like heart. He told us He would reveal the obstacles and hindrances that prevent Him from coming.

What an amazing assignment. A team of 6 to 12 from around the province went to each area, first meeting to pray and discern what God was saying and then meeting with those living in the area to worship, share our burden and pray together. We know that every sin known to man resides everywhere and that the root of all sin is pride, which is living our lives without God. more

Psalm 27:4



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