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Some time ago the Lord gave me a vision of what a “Kingdom business” looks like. In a nutshell, He told me to imagine what it would be like to operate a business in heaven. I saw that it would be EASY! No stress, no striving, and we would find tremendous JOY in what we do. It would be FRUITFUL. Everything that we put our hand to would be BLESSED. We would be PRODUCTIVE and have access to limitless CREATIVITY. The very WISDOM of God would guide our every step. There would be no lack – only ABUNDANCE. We would not fear our competitors but HELP EACH OTHER achieve more than we could on our own. And, of course, HONESTY and INTEGRITY would be a given.

I believe that is what the Lord wants to do in the marketplace in Saskatchewan. “On earth as it is in heaven.” So as Christian business people, how do we get from here to there? Obviously, prayer is the key – ask God to move in businesses across this province so that His divine purposes can be accomplished through them. But what other steps can we take today, on an individual level, to make our businesses noticeably different? Here is one thing that the Lord has had me ponder:

Over the years, this seems to have become one of the mainstays of “doing business”. Typically (as you know), one takes a handful of business cards along with the hope of exchanging them for a different handful of business cards – belonging to others that we feel will benefit OUR business in some more

Psalm 27:4



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