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By Anne Buroker
Oct. 19-20th, 2007


I heard the Spirit of the Lord begin to say “For now is the time for Saskatchewan. She has sown many sons and daughters, not only across this land, to the east and to the west, but now is the time for Saskatchewan to begin to reap.

As you have been faithful to sow, and faithful to harvest in the natural, I hear the Spirit of the Lord say, “You will now begin to see the harvest in the spiritual. For first God does things in the natural, then He does it in the spiritual. So awaken Saskatchewan to the power, to the might and the authority that is coming your way. As you have been giving and sowing, sowing, and sowing and sowing, so you just do not have one field to reap from, one type of crop to reap from, but you have many, many, many across many streams, across many places, across many nations says the Spirit of the Lord. For He will begin to send back into Saskatchewan, and even now says the Spirit of the Lord, I am stirring in the hearts of sons and daughters, those who have children and grandchildren, those who have gone out of Saskatchewan. You will begin to see them come back, and as you begin to see them come back, lift up your head for the King of Glory is coming into your land. Lift up your head and receive the things that your forefathers have planted.

Lift up and be the receivers, the reapers, the harvesters of what God has destined and what He has planned for this Province.

Your time is not over, your time is not finished, you are not done for, you are not the forgotten says the Lord, You are not -----the forgotten says the lord. You will be a city, you will be a nation, you will be a province that is sought out by many.

Psalm 27:4
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