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Restore Our Land!

As a number of us who have prayed together for 25 years sought Him, God gave a vision of a field of wheat, golden and waving in the wind.  The understanding seemed to be that of Saskatchewan continuing to be the bread basket, the heartland, perhaps also symbolic of the bread of life providing nourishment both physical and spiritual, feeding the hungry, the multitudes.  There could also be a connection with the potash in Saskatchewan because potash is used as a fertilizer.

A wind turbine expert declared that the air in Saskatchewan is the cleanest and purest.  The word “heart” seemed to be highlighted as God looks at the heart.  There is a steadfast, a determined, a tenacious spirit that rises up when adversity hits, a pulling together when calamity crashes in.

The song “I Get Knocked Down but I Get Up Again” comes to mind as we meditate on the farming and ranching communities.  The next verse says “you’re never going to keep me down”.  Possibly the years when survival required the community to work together has passed down the value of helping others when they are in a desperate place.  A man in our community developed leukemia and everyone worked a field of his so that his land was harvested.  Later we had a fund raising for his family, demonstrating the pioneer heart to care for each other.

Father in heaven, give us back the years the locusts have eaten in the rural communities of Saskatchewan, beginning with that great more

Psalm 27:4



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